Commander Braghaman Larethian

Commander Braghaman Larethian
2020-12-05 17:51:00


“We’re recalling them all, not just your’s.”

“I haven’t finished training them.”

“They will finish their training here.”

“They’re not ready.”

“Regardless, commander, they are to return to the city immediately.”

Braghaman looked away. Priests and paladins continued to bustle around him, their footsteps and hushed conversations echoing in the hall of the Great Cathedral. But the paladin noticed none of it. He was busy trying to think of any argument he could make. Finally he turned back to the bishop.

“Does it worry you that you may be sending them to their deaths, unprepared?”

“That worries me every single time, Brother Larethian. They will complete their training here. We will do our best to make sure they are as prepared as they can be before they have to face any threats. The training may not be as thorough as what you would have put them through, but sacrifices will have to be made.”

“Sacrifices?” Braghaman repeated, raising an eyebrow slightly as his head tilted.

“You know what I mean, brother.”

“It’s not fair to them.”

“Perhaps. But I am left wondering how much of this concern is for their preparation and how much of it is because their returning here will leave your village less protected.”

Braghaman frowned at the bishop. “I have protected my home far longer than I have worked for the Cathedral. I will continue to do so long after Stormwind turns their back to us again.”

“My apologies, brother,” the bishop responding, holding his hands up as if in surrender. “I spoke poorly, out of frustration. You have done a great service for us in the past and that will not be forgotten.”

Braghaman stared at the bishop for a moment before looking away and waving his hand as if to brush it all away.

“We do not know what is going on yet. After the last attack,” the bishop started to say something, but faltered. “Regardless, we need to redouble our defense of the city and the keep.”

“Does Shadowbreaker know?”

“He does.”

“And he agrees.”

“It doesn’t matter. This decision has already been made.” The bishop looked at Braghaman with a mixture of sympathy and finality. 

“Very well,” Braghaman finally said. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I’ll return home and tell the trainees.”

“How long do you think it will take for their return?”

“A couple of hours. I’ll need to make a few arrangements here in the city before I can leave. Hopefully I can get that done in the next hour. Then I’ll leave for Darkshire and give them their new orders.”

“Is there anything I can do?” the bishop asked.

“No,” Bragh answered with a shake of his head. “You’ve done enough.” The paladin took another deep breath, letting it out quickly. Braghaman then straightened up and gave a quick bow to the bishop. “Light protect you.” Then he turned and briskly walked out of the Cathedral.

“You as well, Brother Larethian.”


Dame Paynifier Ahalin
Paynifier Ahalin · @paynifier#59
2021-01-02 02:26:21

They are going to finish their training the old fashioned way!  Toss them at some scourge, see if they a) survive and b) make good moral choices.

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