Eleeria Silverwing

Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria Silverwing
2020-09-25 22:20:00

The Resurrection

4 - Breakthrough

(Set in July 2020)


Would she do anything for Weleria?

Of course she would. What a silly question that would be.

Weleria wanted to come back to life. What a reasonable thing to want.

The interplay of draenic soul magic and death magic could do that. Would she be breaking any laws? No. Moral laws perhaps. But when had Eleeria Silverwing ever cared about morality?

As her joint magics worked together, carefully healing her wife’s soul and ever so gently transferring it from her old and broken body into a beautiful, new one, Eleeria couldn’t help but marvel at the power of it all.

Lyctora had told her that the First was generally a master of resurrection. Others may have more spiritual skills; the First was typically a necromancer in all traditional definitions of the word. The raiser of the dead. Perhaps she hadn’t meant like this, though. This was a marvel – a breakthrough, Norassel had called it, after the first two trial runs were remarkably successful. She could use this power for so many things. But Eleeria would ever be her own person, first and foremost; she owed her skills to no one but herself. And as she delicately released the body’s previous occupant from her mortal coil, allowing her wife to steal the body in turn, she felt…

A little bit like a god.

(Perhaps she could get used to being the one in charge of life and death again.)



I am pleased to report that Weleria’s leave of absence for scientific research was successful. She should be back to work in a month or two, though anticipate some…differences.

My work of course continues unimpeded.

General Silverwing

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