2020-10-01 21:54:00

A Small Gift

It had been a few months since the last time Fhaliona had visited the island of Tol Barad, but not much had changed. The docks were bustling; the villagers going about their business of buying, selling, and trading; visitors making their way from the boats to the inn and tavern to sample the renowned food and drink. She passed several with a slight nod, ignoring the concerned stares and whispers at her corrupted appearance and focusing as much attention as she could at blocking the demonic eye on her forehead from sharing its gaze to its master.

Fhal's gold-shod hooves clacked on the stone pathway leading up to the house where her goddaughter and three fathers lived. She gently placed a small iron-bound trunk on the doorstep and tucked a hastily scrawled note into one of the handles before turning to leave.


I pray all is going well for your family. Forgive me for not staying to visit. I am currently suffering from a malady which cannot be cured through conventional means. In this chest you will find some herbs, freshwater fish, and cloth. Please use them to continue Vivi's alchemy and medical training.

- Fhal”

mentions: DizarakAshraen, Azryl

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