Nerimoira Kel'Dani

Nerimoira Kel'Dani
Nerimoira Kel'Dani
2020-10-15 05:57:00

In Unlikely Places

Red dust coated the hems of her robes as the fiery redhead made her way up the steps of the estate. Her coin pouch minorly lighter, a sickly sweet grin draped across her face. Large marble doors swinging wide as the Sparrow returned to the nest victorious. 

The southern wing of the estate was teeming with life these days, new recruits, those employed under her watchful eye, those in training, bustling about the halls. One thing was for sure, Moira needed more within her ranks to care for those at her beck and call; after all, mistreatment of those freed by her ranks was no better than living in the pure hell of enslavement.

Moira's feet glided through the halls toward her quarters, the dust leaving a trail behind her. She always disliked visiting Orgrimmar, its dusty streets often leaving dust caked into her robes and staining the hems a false blood red. She sighed as she passed by various windows and doors, a glint in her golden eyes. While she had hopped to locate a few more hands for the upcoming work to be done, she had come back victorious in a far better way. Now all she needed was for the man to stay good on his word and actually arrive. Her thoughts trailed to the delicious mess, a failure to complete his end of the deal, it may become.

A doctor, hopefully deft in his abilities to repair wounds and check over the newly freed victims when they arrived at Kel'dani estate. What a wonderful addition to her roster, even more so after the last was quickly dispatched, the mental image of his head rolling down the hallway playing in her mind as she kicked her shoes off just inside her room. 

In mere seconds the dust stained robe was dropped to the floor before bare feet carried her to the waiting bath, drawn at the perfect temperature. Sliding into its expanses with ease she finally felt herself breathe.

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