Nerimoira Kel'Dani

Nerimoira Kel'Dani
Nerimoira Kel'Dani
2020-10-24 05:40:00

Cold heart, Colder Hands

Golden eyes stare blankly at the world before them, lost in thought deeper than the ocean. 

Bustling streets, packed taverns and yet, the redhead never felt so alone in the world. Lifting her glass to her lips she scowls into its depths when the liquid sloshes against her lips far warmer than she preferred. holding it between her fingers she watched as frost traveled up the delicate glass stem and around the bulb, chilling the contents in mere moments. Satisfied she once more lifted the glass to her painted lips. 

Andramelech was lost in vivid conversations with the new recruit, a man....or something by the name of Colony. She'd long since lost track of the conversation as she once more stared idly at the bustling life around her. Golden  gaze locking on a pair of elves strolling toward the tavern hand in hand, the blonde female leaning her head against the shoulder of the tall dark haired male. A small frown shaped her lips.

Life had never afforded her such love, intimacy...such...loyalty. She glanced at Andramelech, the closest thing to loyalty she had ever known, but far from a suitable lover. Often time's Moira wondered if she was not the reason that Andra had such struggles. A scowl crosses her lips again and she takes a larger swig, the bitter taste bringing her only slightly back to her senses before the buzz kicked in. 

Love is not for frozen hearts like yours, she thought to herself in annoyance, Love is for fools who deserve happiness.

A thin layer of frost trailed up her neck, creeping its way along the slowly healing bruises on her jawline before branching out over her cheeks.

Glittering gold eyes narrowed and the glass in her hand shattered suddenly, the frigid cold of her hands weakening the glass, she frowned at the now scratched palm of her hand and the shards of glass at her feet.


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