2020-09-28 02:57:00


He wasn’t really known as whimsical. He knew he wasn’t seen as a sourpus, but he tended to stay in the background, rather than the type of person found dancing up on the bar. Ren wasn’t a stick in the mud, he hoped!, but neither was he usually the life of the party.

The new Menagerie vendor had been nice, and he’d bought a window-kit for a plant--starlily. He’d eyed over the menu and the elixirs she’d offered. Various playful potions that changed the way you perceived flavors made him smile.

Still. Everyone standing around and twiddling their thumbs was definitely not his pace either. The Menagerie had been quiet, but there were still the vendors, himself, and Junarra there. Why not have a little fun and get to know each other?

Everyone scooted in and there was a sudden feeling of camaraderie where moments prior everyone had been fractured and somewhat isolated. Potion roulette had been fun, and it’d been good. His potion had been terrifically bitter when he’d downed it--but then it had made everything sweet for an hour.

Letting the bitter happen, he’d been happy to let it go and welcome the sweet.

Even if sweet beer had been bizarre.

DWC2020, Day 8

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