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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-12-05 17:51:00


“We’re recalling them all, not just your’s.”

“I haven’t finished training them.”

“They will finish their training here.”

“They’re not ready.”

“Regardless, commander, they are to return to the city immediately.”

Braghaman looked away. Priests and paladins continued to bustle around him, their footsteps and hushed conversations echoing in the hall of the Great Cathedral. But the paladin noticed none of it. He was busy trying to think of any argument he could make. Finally he turned back to the bishop.

“Does it worry you that you may be sending them to their deaths, unprepared?”

“That worries me every single time, Brother Larethian. They will complete their training here. We will do our best to make sure they are...

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Venibeth Stokes
Venibeth @venibeth#323
2019-07-05 22:23:00


Venibeth straightened abruptly, her eyes going wide at the crash from the shop. She turned to the twins, “Stay here. Don’t you dare move.” she warned.

Aiden and Emma nodded gravely, “Okay mommy.” they replied in unison.

The mage gave them a dubious look then darted through the curtained door that separated the shop from the living quarters just as another crash resounded through the building.

The broom she’d enchanted and had left sweeping when she’d taken the children in for lunch lay on the floor, the end of the handle protruding through a broken pane of glass while a dress dummy leaned brokenly against the wall. A small table that had held a vase of flowers was turned on its side, the blossoms scattered amidst shards...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-09-26 21:15:00

Staying In The Wilderness

“No chance that I can get you back to the city is there? You’re intent on living out here in the wilderness.”

Braghaman looked at Lord Shadowbreaker and his eyes contracted slightly.

“Wilderness! We have a fountain here, I’ll have you know.” Bragh smirked as he lifted his mug and took a drink.

“That you do, Larethian. That you do,” Shadowbreaker said with a chuckled.

“Did you get over to see the academy?”

“Sure did. Nice barracks you’ve got set up over there now.”

“We’re happy with it. But we just call it a dorm, not a barracks. Don’t want to give people ideas that a new fort is being built out here. Some people would take that as a sign that we’re the next target for the horde.”


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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-08-20 02:06:00

Light The Way

The afternoon sky was turning towards evening for Darkshire. In the backyard of the Larethian household, there was a fire going in a pit that lit up the yard and the nearby buildings. Sitting on the ground around the fire were five young men and women and sitting in a chair with them was Braghaman.

“Does it always get dark this quickly here?” one of the young men asked.

“Usually,” Bragh answered. “The trees certainly help.”

“Do the worgen ever come up to your house?” one of the women asked.

“Rarely,” Braghaman answered with a smirk. “Usually, they get a whiff of Valiant or Temperance and then decide its not worth it.”

“That’s useful,” another of the paladins said with a...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-08-01 00:45:00

Bad News

Braghaman heard his family out in the backyard and was walking in that direction when he heard a knock at the front door. Sitting on the floor next to the front door was a mace, which Bragh picked up and held behind his back as he reached for the doorknob. Opening the door, he found a young man dressed in armor and wearing the colors of Stormwind.

“Good afternoon,” Braghaman offered cautiously.

“Sir,” the young man said, offering a salute which Braghaman quickly returned. 

“What can I do for you?”

“I was sent with a message for you, sir.” They young man held up an envelope.

Braghaman took the envelope and turned it over. On the back was his name written in bold, black strokes. The paladin frowned slightly as he...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-07-25 15:59:00


“And once you finish your training in Northshire, you could come here to continue to learn in the ways of the life,” the older priestess said as she led the young lady into the great hall of the Cathedral.

“That would be nice, sister,” Sabina answered quietly as she followed along.

“And here we have Sister Tessa from Gilneas,” the priestess said, gesturing to another priestess who was crossing their path.

“Good morning, Sister Martha,” the Gilnean priestess replied. “Good morning, miss.”

“This is Sabina, Sister Tessa. She will be going to Northshire to start her studies.”

“That is wonderful,” Sister Tessa answered. She looked at Sabina for a moment. “I’m sure that you will find the experience...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-07-09 23:02:00

Here To Help

What’s that? What’s that noise? Is it over there?

There it is!

What’s that smell? Where’s it coming from? Is it this? IT IS!

This is the most wonderful smell. I must tell the others!


What was that?

That sound? Something’s happening! Where?



A fight!

He needs help!

I can help!


The militiaman swung his sword again. His blade tore into the arm of the skeleton that had wandered from the cemetery down onto the road. He had called for assistance, fearing that more skeletons might follow suit, but for the moment none did.

Yanking his sword back, the skeleton’s left arm was pulled free from the body and clattered to the ground. The militiaman raised his sword high and brought it down on the...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-07-09 16:12:00

Traveling Through Goldshire

Sister Anetta glanced at the young lady sitting beside her as she guided the horse along the path through Elwynn Forest.  Sabina Jensen sat quietly next to the priestess as they passed the trees and crossed the rivers. Even though Sabina would answer as briefly as possible, Sister Anetta continued to talk as they traveled. On occasion, Anetta would give the young lady a sad look, but she would then continue on with the mostly one-sided conversation.

“Have you ever been to Goldshire?” 

“Twice,” Sabina answered quietly.

“I’m always amazed at how lively a village it is,” the sister offered, looking down the road to the outskirts of the settlement. “It seems like everyone comes from all around to see it.”


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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-07-07 22:44:00

Leaving Town

“Ready to head off to Stormwind?” the captain asked, looking up to the two women sitting in the front of the cart.

“I believe so, Captain. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Not at all, Sister Anetta,” the captain of the Night Watch said with a nod to the priestess. Then he turned his attention to the other person in the cart. “Miss Jensen. Once you have had a chance to recover, I will need to speak with you.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered meekly. 

“Are you sure that you don’t want an escort to the city?” the captain asked, his gaze going back to the priestess. “I could send someone along with you.”

“The offer is much appreciated,” Sister Anetta answered. “But I would hate to deplete your forces here....

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-27 21:09:00


The two men stood in the shadow of the trees, not too far back from the road. They gazed between the houses at the main road of Darkshire, not daring to speak much for fear of being noticed. Dressed in dark leathers, they watched. Then, the door of one of the buildings opened and a young boy stepped outside.

“There he is,” said one of the two men, tapping the other on the arm with the back of his hand. The second man nodded. The two of them tensed as they watched the boy adjust his tunic and look back towards the center of town. Then they both jumped slightly when a voice spoke to them.

“Wacha doin’?”

The two men turned and looked around the shadows, finally settling their sights on an imp standing behind them.

“What the...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-20 23:11:00

Broken Window

Sister Anetta followed the crowd as it surged through the front door and around to the side of the tavern. On the ground, a few feet from the building, was a member of the Night Watch holding a torch and kneeling on the ground next to the body of a young man. Sister Anetta moved through the crowd and stood at the edge of the firelight and looked down at the body.

The man was dressed in simple clothes, not the type that one would wear on the road. His head was turned at an odd angle and his arms and legs were spread from the body. The priestess looked up at the tavern and spied a window on the second floor that had been broken out. Turning back to the body, she watched as the militia man placed a finger on the man’s neck. After a...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-18 16:20:00

Travel Plans

Sister Anetta sat in the common room of the tavern in Darkshire, sipping a glass of noir and listening to the sounds of the room. Next to her sat a young gnome, his hair ruffled and his his clothes showing the worse for wear.

“I’m telling you, miss. The future will be in pneumatic catapults.”

“You seem quite certain of this,” the priestess said as she sipped her wine. The gnome had been regaling her with scientific descriptions since she initially struck up the conversation. 

“Of course!” the gnome blurted out in response. “It will be so much quicker that going by horse or ram. Even by gryphon. One straight shot and your there. And you won’t have hire mages for those pesky portals.”

“But what happens when you...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-15 21:40:00

Playing Catch and Deep Discussions, continued..

Benjamin and Lohgan watched from the window of the second floor of the Caravan inn. Quietly, the two boys speculated on what the explosion was that they had heard only minutes earlier.

“I bet it some evil wizard coming from that haunted tower,” Ben offered.

“Or maybe its the horde coming to attack the city,” Lohgan countered.

“Maybe it was one of the worgen.”

“Nah. They wouldn’t know how to make explosions that big.”

“Look! They’re coming back with something.”

The two boys scrambled out of the window and ran down the stairs, stomping so loudly that Ben’s father called out for the two to knock it off. Bursting through the doors, the two boys made it to the road just in time to watch several members of the...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-13 21:02:00

Questions, Answers, and More Questions

The captain of the Night Watch stood next to the door, leaning against the jam and watching. The small office was crowded with various pieces of furniture: a desk covered in papers, two chairs placed in front of the desk, a small table with two chairs at the side, and a sofa against the side wall. In the middle of the sofa sat a young lady, her legs drawn up with her arms wrapped around. A blanket covered her shoulders and rippled slightly as she seemed to sway at little from side to side. Next to her, on the closer end of the sofa, sat another woman in the robes of a priestess.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Miss Jensen?” the captain asked. “I can get you some water if you want.”

The young lady shook her head, causing the...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-06-13 20:27:00

Playing Catch and Deep Discussions

“What about Watcher Keller?”

Benjamin threw the ball to his friend, Lohgan. The two boys were in the front yard of tavern that Ben’s family owned, tossing a ball back and forth.

“Yeah, he probably has. What about Watcher Ladimore?”

“Oh yeah,” Ben replied. “I bet he’s fought tons of skeletons.” Ben grunted as he caught the ball that had been thrown back to him.  “What about Watcher Hartin?”

“I don’t know,” Lohgan replied before catching the ball again. “He’s always quiet when I see him.”

“What about Watcher Royce?” Ben asked as he held up his hands in the air.

“Watcher Royce? But she’s a girl!” Lohgan said before thrown the ball again.

“So what?”

“Girls don’t fight skeletons,...

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