Tag: Problems in Duskwood x 1

Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-11-22 00:45:00

Bad Feeling

The Larethian home sat silently in the shadow of the nearby forest of Duskwood. Niviene walked into the bedroom to find Braghaman already in bed with his eyes closed. The priestess smiled, moved over to the bed and turned down the covers before sitting on the edge. She started to lean forward to blow out the lamp on her nightstand when she paused. Niv’s smile faded as she looked around the room and slowly sat back up. 



“Something’s wrong.”

Bragh’s eyes shot open and he turned his head to look at Niviene, still sitting on the edge. “Did you hear something?”

“No. But something is wrong. Can’t you feel it?”

Braghaman sat up and tilted his head slightly, his eyes looking down. After a moment, the...

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