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Nerimoira Kel'Dani
Nerimoira @nerimoira#318
2020-10-15 05:57:00

In Unlikely Places

Red dust coated the hems of her robes as the fiery redhead made her way up the steps of the estate. Her coin pouch minorly lighter, a sickly sweet grin draped across her face. Large marble doors swinging wide as the Sparrow returned to the nest victorious. 

The southern wing of the estate was teeming with life these days, new recruits, those employed under her watchful eye, those in training, bustling about the halls. One thing was for sure, Moira needed more within her ranks to care for those at her beck and call; after all, mistreatment of those freed by her ranks was no better than living in the pure hell of enslavement.

Moira's feet glided through the halls toward her quarters, the dust leaving a trail behind her. She always disliked...

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Dizarak Sanar
Dizarak @dizarak#187
2019-01-22 07:02:00

Celestial Love

Pale twilight shone between the leafy trees leading up to the dark and still house. It's eerily soothing glow caressing the upturned face of the void male perched on his small private porch. Mismatched eyes closed to the heavens as he remain cross legged on the stonework just beyond his door hands tucked into his lap as he simply sat and listened. 

The evening at the tavern had been entirely too stressful, from one moment to the next there were entirely too many people and too much happening. A majority of the trouble revolving once again around Melisande's knight in prickly armor. A scowl crossed the Ren'dorei's face as his meditation landed on the snide face of the male, he shook it from his mind with a mild shift of his head. 


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Captain Olathia Windgrave
Olathia @olathia#188
2018-11-08 17:17:00

An Outside View

Gabriel swiped the rag across the bar, the sound of the bustling Dalaran streets tricking through the door behind each patron who entered, a brief nod from the bartender could sometimes be caught but for the most part he kept his head down, mixing drinks and cleaning.

Occasionally a regular customer would wander in and greet him warmly, Gabe joked that bartenders see their customers at their lowest, sometimes those would climb out of their sorrows while others remained in the pool of tears and alcohol they drowned their feelings in. Even fewer touched the staff in a lasting way, today one of those few stepped through the doorway.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her, an odd sight given her lack of armor and the soft smile gracing her...

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Isodel Black
Isodel @isodel#192
2018-08-13 16:00:00

Maludir's Vows


I-...We both know that I'm not the best with words. I'm absolutely abysmal at stringing something sincere together, and-... I found myself rewriting these again and again, convinced that I wouldn't be able to write anything that would do my feelings for you justice.”

He shuffled on the spot, taking in another nervous breath as he gazed up into her eyes.

“I never expected I'd ever be standing in this position. As far as I was concerned, I'd spend the next century drifting and meandering about with an imp screaming in the back of my head.”

The Elf's cheeks flushed slightly, and a gentle smile rose to his lips.

“...You've shown me, time and time again, that this world, and the one beyond the veil,...

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