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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2020-09-29 02:57:00


The steady tink-tink-tink of the glass under her fingernail was just sharp enough to keep her thoughts from falling too far down the proverbial rabbit-hole. Her eyes wandered over the morning Bazaar markets and she leaned on the rough counter of her stall.

Concoctions and elixirs. Soaps and perfume. Oils, creams, and potions.  Tiny vials and large bottles nested in crates stuffed with straw. Others sat on the fold up displays. Khaeris had always loved the little glass containers her wares came in. She was thankful for her friendship with Pyraelia for many reasons, but connections to talented glassworks were valuable in her alchemical trade.

Especially to some of the more illicit wares she kept under the counter and out of...

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