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Nealani Dalmoon
Nealani @nealani#348
2020-12-19 23:38:00

Silent Night

The wind blew Nea’s purple curls across her wet cheeks as the overcast night sky loomed above. Nea was not usually one for normal social gatherings but this was far from normal. She sat on the cold cobblestone sidewalk, her kin peppered around her. Some Kaldorei had been living in Stormwind for quite some time and had adapted themselves to a more human schedule of sleeping at night, but it seemed even those who had the ability to do so weren’t sleeping right now..5cunpF2bTyTJayivZnMhbtfOsyGAj6L6t-SBeKZ1xeNjPUX7Uch89VYNn5LhTyO6JKOSVZW0Qz84uyHXRaRXQNPueHybMC5grKyHJP0je48ZbC0FbahY_L3J1MWxaSUuqdFLtl8H

Nea looked up. The luminescent eyes of those around her were dimmed with tears as well. Some tried getting rest, while others murmured prayers to Elune in hope of comfort. Nea looked down at the small bonfire before her, its flames dancing with wild abandon. While it was...

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Mythlleass Nightbreeze
Mythlleass @mythlleass#280
2018-12-14 18:11:00

When the Student is Ready... (Part 1)

“Ya know, Myth, for future reference when I say ‘peel the potatoes’ I don’t mean carve them into beautiful flowers,” the older male chuckled at the younger one before him who had paused in his artistic endeavors upon said spud as he looked up.

A sheepish grin bloomed on Mythlleass Wildsword’s face as he shrugged at Jioren ‘Cookie’ Summerwing, “Aw, common Cookie, the Sentinels deserve fancy potatoes, don’t’cha think?”

The head cook of the mess hall in Feathermoon Stronghold sighed at his ward, looking over at the large pile of already peeled potatoes that Myth had made short work of earlier and was thankful the boy’s idle hands had only come up with this diversion, “Uh-huh. So who’s your target this...

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Guardian Iyora Silverhawk
Iyora @iyora#279
2018-12-13 15:15:07

Iyora by TAD

Iyora by TAD

Commission of Iyora by Tiffany-anne Dobbs

Ryule @ryule#275
2018-12-08 23:06:00

Site Write Entry #38: Recycling

Prompt: June 13, 2012 - In an odd conversation, you and a friend are discussing the real afterlife. Your friend is convinced you will die and reborn as something else. To indulge in their chatter, what do you tell them? What is your character reborn as?

    "Got any nines?"

    The delicate priestess sitting across from him stared intently at the fan of cards in her hands, making quite a show of studying each one until - with a sudden ray-of-light-cutting-through-the-clouds smile - she stuck her tongue out at him and pointed at the dwindling pile of cards between them.

    Frowning, he picked up the top card, then crowed with glee as he laid down all four in his hand. "I win this round!"

    With a feigned pout, the...

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Xeremuriis @xeremuriis#257
2018-12-08 22:51:00

Site Write Entry #33: Impulse

Prompt: June 8, 2012 - Describe something your character does impulsively.

    Five months had passed, and she was well aware that she'd been naught but trial and trouble for her doctor. The kaldorei druid was quite good at concealing the distaste in his gaze when he looked at her, but the Canal Street Baker himself had been teaching her to read faces for almost two years. Xeremuriis had never dared ask the source of it, but she sensed it wasn't personal - that is, that the druid's distaste was not for herself alone but something of her type. She had no real idea which type of hers was the problem - baker's girl, draenei, youth, shaman, patient, or crazy - but she knew it lurked behind the clinical detachment with which Doctor...

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Ryule @ryule#275
2018-12-08 05:42:00

Site Write Entry #30: A Story

Prompt: June 5, 2012 - Your character to asked to retell a story before their own audience. What story do they tell and how does it turn out?

    "Did I ever tell you about the time my mentor and I saved our town from famine and became the famous heroes we are today?" The campfire between them crackled merrily as the beautiful, delicate creature across from him shook her head. For a moment, the soft swish of her green locks captivated him and he forgot what he'd been saying. Oh, right, amazing her with his heroic deeds!

    "So there was this terrible drought, see? Ent a drop of rain for nigh on three seasons, and all the food was shriveling up." As he launched into his tale, he bent his head back to the task of peeling the...

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