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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-09-25 22:22:00

5 - Rain

“Please stop crying, Lairen…”

The tears are waterworks today. The five year old is absolutely inconsolable; Eleeria picks her up, letting the tears stream down her shirt as she holds her daughter close.

“But I wanna color!”

“Honey, you can’t color on those. I need those for work.”


The small girl kicks and punches at her mother’s shoulder. Eleeria lets out a soft noise as she holds Lairen away from her body. Strong enough to hold the girl aloft while she screams and kicks, she seems particularly unable to handle the magnitude of tantrum today.The floor is wet at this point; Eleeria’s not sure how one small elf can produce so many tears.


“Well, Lairen, you can’t. That’s just...

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Ismene Blackspire
Ismene @ismene#327
2019-06-24 16:59:00

Inviting Yourself In

She appeared in his bedroom like a specter of death, so quickly that even as attuned to the shadows as he was, Vanaal only had time to roll from bed and grab his daggers before she moved. The apartment was warded, of course — but Ismene had made some dark bargain for that magic of hers, and wards generally did little good against her machinations. Years of devoted study even before the Fall had made her more adept than Vanaal, who used it purely as an art to further his current trade. Thankfully, the lanky woman seemed to have no interest in killing him. She stalked to the bed, laying down in the empty space on the side closest to the window. Ismene’s arms stretched over her head, fingers curling. But though she tried to hide the...

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