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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-09-27 19:44:00

The Truth Is...

“The Truth Is, I’m A Bad Person.”
( Set in the present day. )
7 - Bitter


“Just try it on, see how you feel.”

By the time Eleeria made up her mind to follow Lily’s advice, it had been several bullshit-filled days since. She thought she had some clever excuses to get out of it -- the armor didn’t fit, first off. She had gone from a scrawny, stick-like rogue with health issues to a healthy, athletic Knight. Weleria had laughed when she saw Eleeria trying to stick her arm into a hole made for a much smaller bicep several months ago for fun.

The other was that she had no real reason to. Why would she want to leave her plate armor? She was happy. Work was….fine. Blackheart was actually fine. The kind of fine she didn’t have to...

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