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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-09-25 22:20:00

The Resurrection

4 - Breakthrough

(Set in July 2020)


Would she do anything for Weleria?

Of course she would. What a silly question that would be.

Weleria wanted to come back to life. What a reasonable thing to want.

The interplay of draenic soul magic and death magic could do that. Would she be breaking any laws? No. Moral laws perhaps. But when had Eleeria Silverwing ever cared about morality?

As her joint magics worked together, carefully healing her wife’s soul and ever so gently transferring it from her old and broken body into a beautiful, new one, Eleeria couldn’t help but marvel at the power of it all.

Lyctora had told her that the First was generally a master of resurrection. Others may have more spiritual skills; the...

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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-09-25 22:17:00

The Dead Among Us

2 - Invasion
(Set in February 2020)


I can hear them. The ghosts, I mean.

Anara visited Blackheart, and being able to hear Alexander’s absolutely atrocious turns of phrase was….new. Unsettling. I don’t know if I like this – now it’s as if, having heard it once, I hear it all the time. Whenever I use my magic to see, it’s an assault of sound and noise. Screams, pleads, simple conversations…I can’t keep it all straight in my head.

Three years ago I thought I would go insane from paranoia. Now I know I’ll go insane surrounded by the noises of the dead.

Lyctora says it’s something I can learn to ignore. When? How? I’m so tired of turning my head to search for something that’s not there. I already know ...

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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-09-25 22:13:00

The First Ascendant

Day 1 - First
( Set in February 2020 )

“You will lead us.”

Her hand is slapped from the air with force.

“Ridiculous. I’m not leading shit.” Eleeria’s voice echoes through the empty space, the sudden sharpness of her tone reverberating with a harsh ring. The person standing in front of her, all gaunt shadows and strange angles beneath her cowl, smiles and says nothing in turn. Nothing needs to be said, really.

So it was ordained, so it shall be.

“I’m not. I know you made some sort of deal with my wife – but my wife isn’t me. You can’t just – hold me accountable for it.”

“Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind if we took away the blessing we bestowed upon you.”

At last, the litany of complaints and...

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