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Nealani Dalmoon
Nealani @nealani#348
2020-12-19 23:38:00

Silent Night

The wind blew Nea’s purple curls across her wet cheeks as the overcast night sky loomed above. Nea was not usually one for normal social gatherings but this was far from normal. She sat on the cold cobblestone sidewalk, her kin peppered around her. Some Kaldorei had been living in Stormwind for quite some time and had adapted themselves to a more human schedule of sleeping at night, but it seemed even those who had the ability to do so weren’t sleeping right now..5cunpF2bTyTJayivZnMhbtfOsyGAj6L6t-SBeKZ1xeNjPUX7Uch89VYNn5LhTyO6JKOSVZW0Qz84uyHXRaRXQNPueHybMC5grKyHJP0je48ZbC0FbahY_L3J1MWxaSUuqdFLtl8H

Nea looked up. The luminescent eyes of those around her were dimmed with tears as well. Some tried getting rest, while others murmured prayers to Elune in hope of comfort. Nea looked down at the small bonfire before her, its flames dancing with wild abandon. While it was...

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Bess Blackhoof
Bess @bess#198
2018-08-09 04:19:00


The Azarite War Machine swept across the field, destroying the siege towers as Anduin Wrynn, boy-king of the Alliance, in his glistening armor lead the march from atop his grand warhorse with that wolf ever at his side.

“Prepare the blight! Let it rain down upon their armies!” Sylvanas Windrunner ordered from her place on the wall.

“There must be another way, Warchief,” Saurfang objected.

The Dark Lady turned away. “This is no time for sentiment, High Overlord. War demands that we take a more direct approach.”

Bess could not believe her ears. Their own forces were down there! This was madness! She looked to Saurfang with questioning eyes, and the old orc turned to the druid. “I don't care what you have to do, get as...

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Bess Blackhoof
Bess @bess#198
2018-08-09 02:17:00

The War of the Thorns

You can kill us... but you cannot kill hope.”

Can't I?” Sylvanas turned back to the other leaders of the invasion force. “Burn it... Burn it!”

Bess immediately knew something was wrong. Up to this point, they had been going out of their way to not harm innocents - Saurfang's orders - but now the Dark Lady was ordering them to destroy the very city they were trying to capture. Had she gone mad? “Warchief...?”

The Forsaken loaded the catapults and lit the firebrands. Bess' eyes darted from Sylvanas to the High Warlord, who was definitely displeased but dared not speak against his Warchief while she was in a mood. Bess growled and ran toward the shore as the first catapult launched, leaping into the air and...

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