Howling Owl Poetry & Story Night

Lianellie Quinne


Calling all poets, storytellers and coffee lovers!

The Howling Owl is a premier faction neutral coffee shop and bar located in Pandaria and previously owned by Alaris Sunspell and Saeil Moonblade but now run by Lianellie Quinne and Laenne Leaffall . Each month we host an event that allows our patrons to recite poems, tell stories, or even share music for the others in attendance to enjoy. These can be original works or can simply be their favorites. Real world adaptations are fine too!

Location: The Druken Hozen, Dawn’s Blossom, Jade Forest, Pandaria


When: Friday, August 21st Doors will open at 6PM WrA server time

Drinks and snacks will be served until 6:30PM when readings will start. Then halfway through we will take a...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-07-08 13:51:00


Sister Anetta stood at the entrance to the abbey in Northshire and looked out over the yard. The priest trainer looked concerned as she scanned the area slowly. She gazed from one side to the other until she noticed the Marshall walking towards.

“Any word?” Marshall McBride asked as he stepped closer, his armor ringing as he moved.

“We’ve searched the abbey top to bottom. She’s not inside. Did your men find any sign of her?”

The Marshall shook his head. “No. They checked the cave Sabina was found in earlier, to see if she might have gone back there. But there was nothing. She could be in one of the bigger gnoll caves, but I can’t imagine it’d be a safe place for someone to hide in for long.”

“I don’t know. It may not...

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Trisandrah Emberstrom
Trisandrah @trisandrah#69
2020-07-02 16:17:20

Tris by Noir

Tris by Noir

Thanks to LeilahKnight

Trisandrah Emberstrom
Trisandrah @trisandrah#69
2020-07-02 15:38:32

Tris Art by Miss Behaviour

Tris Art by Miss Behaviour

art by Miss Behaviour.  Commissioned by Jiro.  

Andaeros Dawnflare
Andaeros @andaeros#137
2020-06-26 17:28:00


The docks were busy. They usually were at daybreak, and sailors and deckhands called out to each other amidst the din of crying gulls and sloshing waves. Magi and laborer alike moved crates from dock to ship, and ship to dock.

You took a breath, the smell of sun and salt stark and cutting to the nose so early on.

The ticket felt electric in your hand. It wasn't heavy, It wasn't light, but it was there, and you could feel it buzzing, tingling, wanting to be used.

And you wanted to use it.

Life in the city had always been so good to you; you'd always loved the thrum of a busy thoroughfare or vivacity of a busy bazaar in the daytime and the hair-trigger between danger and pleasure on the streets in the too-late hours. You loved the people....

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Eleeria Silverwing
Eleeria @eleeria#95
2020-06-22 06:11:00

The Snap

(TW: Blood, death.)


You have always been your fathers’ daughter.

There are still raven feathers coating your fingers; the dying caws of avians still sound in your ears, and though you know later you should apologize to Eli for the life being ripped from her friends, now you push it from your mind.

You move through the snow at a clipped speed, ducking between the trees with daggers in hand. You had the foresight to grab your armor and favored weapons before you disappeared into the mountains of Alterac without a trace, evading Lormeus’ increased patrols. Rarely do you use your rogue skills any longer, but there’s something refreshing about being free of obligation and people watching you. That thought alone makes...

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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2020-06-15 23:13:00

Searching for Clues

Classes weren’t over yet, the children wouldn’t be home for another hour or so, still Niviene looked over her shoulder, half expecting to hear their footsteps on the stairs at any minute. She shook her head, not for the first time, admonishing herself for the guilt she felt. What she was doing wasn’t really wrong. She was the girl’s mother after all.

Still the priestess hesitated before finally dropping to her knees and pulling the quilt back to peer beneath the bed. Nothing. She sat back on her heels for a moment, scanning the room. She knew what it was like to hide things as a child. She’d been forced to hide her own dolls from her grandmother lest they be destroyed. Toys were a waste of time, grandmother had said, a...

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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2020-06-07 21:39:00

Flower Delivery - Alternate Character: Zarastirra

“The flowers are as lovely as always Zara, thank you for bringing them.”

“You’re quite welcome doctor. I like to think they bring joy to the patients here, it’s such a dismal place after all. I don’t know how my sister stood it.” Zarastirra answered, a soft smile taking the sting from her words.

The doctor’s gaze hardened for a moment but he merely nodded, “And how is your sister these days?” he asked.

The woman glanced up from the vase she was placing flowers in, her brow furrowed slightly, “She does well. She is quite lucid. You would never know she had ever been ill.” Zara returned to the flowers, her fingers lingering on the bright red petals of the blood thistle she included in every bouquet she...

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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2020-06-07 21:12:00

Questioning the Teacher

The woman sat across from the headmistress, her dark, shadow green hair shimmering strangely in the lamplight. Her face was still, like a dusky gray porcelain doll, with only the occasional blink. She listened intently, trying to determine where this line of questioning would take her, wondering if the shoe she’d been waiting to to drop was finally falling.

Niviene watched the alchemy teacher, looking for a hint of emotion but there was none, and it left the priestess more than a little unnerved, “I understand she has been spending time with you, more time than her classes require.” she paused then gave the woman a tentative smile, “Is my daughter showing an interest in potions?”

Nelandrys nodded, “Yes mistress, she is...

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Brightmoon's 2nd Annual Boat Bash


5edaf1ebd2138.jpgWhere: THOUSAND NEEDLES

Faction: Neutral - Bring your Elixirs of Tounges!

Contact: Lindiwe (spoonymog#1854)


 Event schedule (ISH):

6:30 - Market & Performances


8:00 - MORE Market & Performances

9:00 - Raffles

Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2020-06-04 00:56:00

When Little Girls Play

Niviene walked through the hallway with the laundry basket perched on her hip, her mind listing out the remaining chores that had to be done before she could start dinner, when she thought she saw something cross in front of her. She stopped, sky blue eyes scanning the top of the stairs, but she saw only shadows. Slowly she turned to look to the other end of the hall, only to see sunbeams streaming through the window and Max, her fat orange tabby cat, fast asleep in their warmth.

“Imaging things I guess.” She muttered to herself as she made her way toward the stairs with her basket. As she passed Korissa’s room, she could hear her daughter whispering. The priestess thought nothing of it, a child playing pretend with her dolls....

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Regynn Winters
Regynn @regynn#96
2020-05-27 01:52:00


“Did you see him?” 

“Yeah, I saw him.”

“Well? Did you talk to him?”

The slight shake of the head accompanied by an almost inaudible, “No.”

“Why ever not? That’s the whole reason you came back wasn’t it?”

A shrug, “I guess. That was part of it anyway.”

“So. Why didn’t you talk to him?”

Regynn finally raised her head, her eyes glistening slightly in the lamp light, “He was with someone.” she shrugged before lowering her head to her sewing needle.

“Someone? Someone. Why that little…” 

“Clair no. It’s my fault. I went away without a word and stayed away. Without a word. It’s been ages since I spoke to him. Besides, we were always just friends anyway. Marc never saw me as anything...

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Marachius Ainsley
Marachius @marachius#83
2020-05-21 23:41:00

Troubles At The Bar

Marachius stood next to the bar and worked on his cup of coffee. There was a good crowd and everyone seemed to be in fine spirits. He recognized a few of the people there, but not more than to nod as they passed on the street.

“Sorry you have to wait.”

Marachius looked back to the bar and the young lady now standing behind it. She was removing mugs from her tray and putting them in a wash basin behind.

“That’s okay, Tabitha,” he replied. “Gives me a chance to people watch.”

“Well, they’ve got someone coming in to help out. As soon as she gets here, I can leave.”

“That’s fine. That’ll give me time to finish my coffee.”

“Just holler out if you need a refresh,” Tabitha said. She put some fresh mugs of...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-05-18 16:07:00

First Outing


“I heard you went out yesterday.”

Dael had been looking down at his shirt, running his fingers across the threads along the edge. He stopped and looked up slightly. Some strands of hair shifted forward over his face which caused him to let go of his shirt and push the offenders back.

“Yeah,” the elf answered noncommittally. He then looked back down at the hem of his shirt.

“Did you go to that bakery I’d heard about?”

“Yeah,” Dael answered without looking up this time.

“What’s it called? Fancy something?” The other elf leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows on the clipboard that he’d been taking notes on.


“That’s right. Fancy Cakes. How was it? Did you talk to anyone?”

“Not really.”


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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-05-07 15:37:00

Found Books

Sister Anetta cautiously opened the door to Sabina’s room. Two other priests stood behind her as the door slowly swung open. The three looked into the small room and then relaxed slightly.

“Guess she’s not here,” one of the priests said.

“I didn’t expect her to be,” Sister Anetta replied with a shrug of her shoulders. “Let’s look around and see if there’s anything here.”

The three priests stepped into the room and began looking around. One of the priests began looking at things that sat on the small desk in the corner of the room while the other knelt next to a chest and opened it to look inside. Sister Anetta knelt down next to the bed and peered underneath. She slid a small box our from beneath and lifted it...

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The Nightbreeze Inn

Mythlleass Nightbreeze

Myth puts up a new sign in Moonglade:

“Welcome to the newly renovated Nightbreeze Inn! Our grand opening will be Thursday night at 6 pm bell! We will be featuring a new full menu with Pandarian-Kaldorei fusion cuisine, as well as some old favorites from across the continents. We hope you’ll join us and make us your new watering spot when passing through Moonglade!”

Stepping back, the young male elf admired the sign with glowing pride as he was just pleased as punch he could finally make his dream come true. After he had married the love of his life Kaviri Nightbreeze, he had taken her last name (as was tradition in her family) he had used his meager savings to buy this run-down building in Nighthaven. It had taken quite a while...

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Tinnaire @tinnaire#332
2020-04-28 02:17:00


Tinnaire’s eyes lit up, literally, and the felfire surged triumphantly over the beast below her. Adrenaline and magic dizzied her. Her breath caught in her throat, half in laughter and half in shock. The hem of her robes pressed against her shins, buffeted by the suddenly heated air that leapt away from the blackening bones. She heard the marrow pop and the laughter finally bubbled out. The witch in her soul soared even as the felhound staggered, dead before the demon’s flesh felt it.

The spell had been spectacular. And she turned on her heel, but her eyes rose to the skies over Suramar. A felbat fell with a satisfying thump against the stone, green embers scattering from the scorched fur. Waves green fire came out and whirled into...

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Andaeros Dawnflare
Andaeros @andaeros#137
2020-04-23 04:23:00

Fights, pt. III: Poker Face

I was always good at reading people.

It was something I’d always been able to do, instinctively, but it’s something I also cultivated.

Imperceptible movements: lip twitches, eyebrow raises, the tightening of the jaw, the flicker of an eye. I could see them and I could understand them.

Artennis, under the best circumstances, had never been a good liar, despite the fact he had a penchant for cheating. He was always better at charming his way out of being caught.

The card slid out from his hand and he set it on table face down, “A lil’ secret b’tween you an’ me.”

His face was a roadmap of deceit, with all the landmarks pinned and a dotted red line leading the way to an X.

I couldn’t help but smirk, “Pass your turn?”

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-04-15 20:57:00

Interrogation at Northshire Abbey

The two young ladies, Krista and Sabina, sat with their hands in their laps and their heads hung as the trainers and other adults in the room stared at them. In front of the girls was a table where the priest trainer, Sister Anetta, and Marshal McBride sat and watched them closely. Surrounding them all were bookshelves and other grim-looking paladins and priests. 

“What were you girls doing there?” Sister Anetta asked, leaning forward in her seat.

“I don’t know,” Sabina answered meekly.

“I don’t know,” Krista replied as well, her inflection mirroring the other student.

“You must know something,” the priestess continued. “You lit a fire. You had a dead kobold there with you. You were doing something.”

“I don’t...

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Club Night Owl - Wonderland Rave!

Laenne Leaffall

Club Night Owl is a nightclub and hookah bar that hosts monthly events now heading to a different location each month starting on March 27th!  

There will be bartenders serving drinks and hookah and music will be provided by DJ Tiny Dancer

Come have fun with us at our Wonderland Rave!  We’ll have themed drinks, lots of music and dancing! Feel free to come dressed to the theme, if you’d like!

When: Friday, April 24th, 6PM WrA server time

Location: Purple Parlor, Dalaran, Northrend New location!


All races and factions are welcome! Bring your Elixir of Tongues!

If you’re interested in attending this or any of our other events, join our Discord server here!

Join us for music here!

If you’d like an in game calendar...

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Howling Owl Poetry & Story Night

Lianellie Quinne


Calling all poets, storytellers and coffee lovers!

The Howling Owl is a premier faction neutral coffee shop and bar located in Pandaria and previously owned by Alaris Sunspell and Saeil Moonblade but now run by Lianellie Quinne, Azalaeda Phoenixflare and Laenne Leaffall . Each month we host an event that allows our patrons to recite poems, tell stories, or even share music for the others in attendance to enjoy. These can be original works or can simply be their favorites. Real world adaptations are fine too!

Location: The Druken Hozen, Dawn’s Blossom, Jade Forest, Pandaria


When: Friday, April 10th Doors will open at 6PM WrA server time

Drinks and snacks will be served until 6:30PM when readings will start. Then halfway...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-03-22 21:38:00


Banagan walked around the yard of his new home and swung his wooden mace around. The almost-twelve year old listened to the weapon whistle as it sliced through the air. While he paced back and forth in the yard, Valiant lay on the ground with his chin resting on his crossed paws. The winged lion watched as the young man fought back against imaginary enemies.

“Take that,” Banagan grunted as he viscously attacked his adversary. “And that!”

Banny ducked and turned to attack something else behind him. He spun his mace around, adding flourishes to his imagined strikes. Suddenly, the young man dropped to his knee and lowered his head, as if dodging a dangerous swing. Spinning around, he counter-attacked with what he envisioned as a...

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Marachius Ainsley
Marachius @marachius#83
2020-03-18 01:50:00

The Next Morning

Marachius let out a quiet groan and pulled his pillow over his head. He and his roommates were just starting to wake up when the door had flown wide open with a bang and Nara and Leiana loudly entered.

“Rise and shine, buckos,” Nara called out as she plopped down on Kiernan’s cot. 

“Up-n-at ‘em, boys,” Leiana added as she landed on the foot of Marc’s cot.

“Shut up,” Lorn called out as he rolled over and pulled the blankets over his head.

“Oh ho,” Nara said with a grin. “You gents aren’t hung over, are ya’?”

“Maybe,” Marc answered sheepishly, looking out from under his pillow. “Why aren’t you two?”

“Because unlike you boys, we know how to hold our liquor,” Leiana said as she slapped at...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-03-18 01:26:00

Rituals in a Cave

“Where are all the kobolds?”

Brother Sammuel looked around the clearing. Normally, the small creatures would be moving around, foraging, and generally causing mischief. But none could be seen. The area was calm except for the occasional cry from the birds in the trees, upset that there were intruders near their nests.

“Must be hiding,” one of the younger paladin trainees answered quietly.

“Yeah, but why? What has them spooked?”

“Doesn’t matter,” the paladin trainer spoke, silencing the chatter among the half dozen recruits that were following him. “Keep an eye out in case they start to get overly curious. Let’s check that cave,” he added, pointing to an outcropping ahead of them.

The paladins drew closer to...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-03-14 17:06:00

Missing Students

Brother Sammuel stepped briskly through the main hall of the abby and stopped at the entrance to the Library wing. The paladin took a moment to calm his breathing before opening the door and stepping inside. He immediately saw Sister Annetta and Marshal McBride sitting at one of the tables and whispering animatedly. The paladin trainer stepped over to the table and stood quietly. After a moment, the marshal nodded and then looked up.

“What news, brother?”

“They have completed a head count. There are two individuals missing?”

“Who?” asked Sister Anetta.

“Krista and Sabina.”

“They’re sure?”

“Yes, ma’am. They’ve checked all the rooms. No one can account for either of them since breakfast yesterday morning....

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Cathalia Wright
Cathalia @cathalia#337
2020-03-07 09:03:00

When Thinking With Portals

Cathalia inspected the runes she’d drawn on her fingers with a careful eye, blowing on them to dry the paint. Drawn in shimmering violet magic combined with ink, they glowed in the low lighting of the stables as she examined them. Fumbling for her pen, she carefully jotted down notes. Step one complete. Paint on fingers. Runes to be activated by purple magic. Should be just a flick of wrist?

She examined her hands again. Spindled fingers were bonier by the day, though she didn’t really mind it. She had long since stopped caring about her appearance — not that she had much when she was alive either, though waking up sans jaw really put pretty into perspective. Still, the way the low light reflected off of her painted on magical...

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2020-03-05 01:19:00


Weekly Writing Challenge; Week 18 - Guilt

It was too late, she'd sent the messages. Maybe it was for the best. But maybe not. He was in the field. She shouldn't worry Pollux. No amount of 'Please don't worry' would help when say you need to talk.

Khaeris sighed, already feeling the pit in her stomach grow. It had been weighing her down since her talk with Dicenne. Pollux would get them, and he'd undoubtedly worry about the vague notes. She shoved the communicator into her pocket and looked around her wagon.

"My wife and I kept no secrets from each other."

Of course. She was messing it up with Pollux again. She moved to the sink full of dishes that needed washing.

"I'm not your therapist."

It still stung, and Khaeris had to be mindful and...

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