Marachius Ainsley
Marachius @marachius#83
2020-02-08 02:21:00

Concerned Thoughts

Marachius sat at his desk and stared at the papers in his hand even though it was obvious that he wasn’t really seeing them. There were people moving around in the room. Other paladins spoke quietly as they moved in and out. But Marachius never seemed to notice.

“What’s up, Marc?”

The young paladin jerked his head up and looked at the hand that had just slapped him on the shoulder. Standing next to him was his squad leader, looking with a slight grin.

“Nothing, Kiernan. Just looking over the orders for the week.”

“You’ve been looking over them for the last few minutes. How much do you remember?”

“Oh.. uhh.. Yeah, sorry about that. Guess I’m a bit distracted.”

“Kind of what I figured.”


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Lawrence @lawrence#333
2020-01-25 17:36:00

New "Assignment".

    He sighed deeply as he opened the letter bearing the crest of of the King.  He knew what was coming, and was just trying to figure out how long he had before he shipped out.  Hell, he barely read the majority of the deployment orders he received normally, and this one was no different.  The first time he read it, anyway.  Lawrence put down his coffee and read this order more intently. 

    "Knight-Commander Lawrence Barrenger,

    Your new orders are as follows, due to the unforseen circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Captain of this chapter and the captain's subordinates.

    -Recruit, arm, and train new members to The Stormwind Guard.  This particular chapter of the Guard has been empty and inactive...

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Tinnaire @tinnaire#332
2020-01-14 05:12:00

A New Key

There was no where to put her key. No bowl on a stand by the door, no hooks in the wall, no arcane drop pocket. Tinnaire stood there in silence, peering at it inert in her palm. How perplexing! Moving wasn't something she had ever worried about. She'd always been taken care of and more often than not, these little things were well in hand before she'd ever walked through her own doors. Living alone for the first time in ages came with all sorts of baffling problems she'd never considered. New adventures. Her lips quirked and she curled her fingers around the key possessively before dipping it into her pocket.

The apartment was mostly empty. Her eyes swept over the blank walls and the freshly painted white walls. She couldn't decide if...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-01-12 20:31:00

Portents and Plans

Erik opened the door to Madame Eva’s inn and stepped inside. The crowd inside was loud and friendly and called out a greeting to the rogue as his eyes adjusted to light inside. Madame Eva appeared from around the stairs and walked over to Erik. She laid a hand on his arm and smiled. Without a word, she turned and nodded to a corner in the back of the common room. Erik followed Eva’s glance and saw a lone person sitting at the far table.

The rogue moved through the crowd and made his way to the back of the room. Sitting at the table in the corner, facing the front door, Braghaman had both his hands around a mug and vague look in his eyes as if he were lost deep in thought. Erik stood quietly next to the table and waited. After a...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2020-01-04 21:34:00

Chasing Thoughts, Making Plans

Braghaman woke from a deep sleep, not with a start but rather eased into consciousness. The room was still dark and there was a slight chill from the season in the room, but nothing seemed out of place. Slowly he opened his eyes and turned his head slightly to see the rest of the bedroom.

Niviene was still asleep, curled next to him and holding his arm. Bragh could hear her slow, regular breathing and was comforted that he had not woken her. Closing his eyes, the paladin took a deep breath and then let it out slowly.

It had been a busy, tiring week. The trainees took time as they always did. In addition to their normal training was an incident involving a pair of skeletons that had wandered too close to town for anyone’s comfort....

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Untamed Night by Howling Owl

Lianellie Quinne


Come join us for our 1st Annual Love Is In the Air themed festival, Untamed Night!

Join us in Nighthaven for an evening filled with Love Is In The Air themed vendors, performances, and raffles! The night will be finished off with a dance party!

As always with The Howling Owl’s events, Horde or Alliance are welcome!

When: Saturday, February 8th, 6PM WrA


6-8PM WrA: Vendors - Booths are currently still open! Info to sign up here!

8PM: Performances

9PM: Dance party and raffle drawings immediately following performances

Where: Nighthaven, Moonglade


!! RAFFLE !!

Raffle info: There are 2 separate raffles. 1 paid raffle. 1 free raffle. The paid raffle will be 500g a ticket, limit 40 tickets per person. The...

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Club Night Owl - Enchanted Rave

Lianellie Quinne


Club Night Owl is a nightclub and hookah bar that hosts monthly events at The Howling Owl, just upstairs from the rustic coffee shop!

Hosted by Saeil Moonblade. There will be bartenders serving drinks and hookah and music will be provided by DJ Moonblade and DJ Silmari!

Come have fun with us at our Enchanted Rave! We’ll have themed drinks, lots of music and dancing! Feel free to come dressed to the theme, if you’d like!

Starting this month, we’ll also have an updated menu so keep an eye out for that!

When: Friday, January 24th, 6PM WrA server time

Location: Club Night Owl (Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms)


We will be in the upstairs of the tavern, the biggest building!

All races and factions are...

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Howling Owl Poetry and Story Night

Lianellie Quinne


Calling all poets, storytellers and coffee lovers!

The Howling Owl is a premier faction neutral coffee shop and bar located in Pandaria and owned by Alaris Sunspell and Saeil Moonblade. Each month we host an event that allows our patrons to recite poems, tell stories, or even share music for the others in attendance to enjoy. These can be original works or can simply be their favorites. Real world adaptations are fine too!

Location: Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms


We will be in the main tavern, the biggest building!

When: Friday, January 10th Doors will open at 6PM WrA server time

Drinks and snacks will be served until 6:30PM when readings will start. Afterward, drinks and food will be served again. Feel free...

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Kharris Dawndancer-Blacksong
kharris @kharris#22
2020-01-03 04:58:00

The List

Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 9; New Year/Resolutions




      '.` .:`;..

   .,` ,. ; ,;`..".

     '. : .`, .


Kharris looked at the blanks. She frowned deep enough that her dimples popped out in both cheeks. She didn't usually do resolutions and she wasn't quite  sure what had taken her to make her start a list.

Her brows pulled down tight over her eyes. She took another drink. Even the smooth bite of the alcohol didn't dislodge the frown. This felt like too much pressure. The future was too far away. Even tomorrow seemed unreasonable to speculate about.

Her ear flickered toward the whirring of something mechanical. Asarel was working on something in the back room. The Barge...

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Kharris Dawndancer-Blacksong
kharris @kharris#22
2019-12-19 00:35:00


It was a time of year when there was a great whirlwind of activity. She remembered being in Ironforge for it one year; Silvermoon wasn't that festive, but it was still decorated and the air of the holiday was pervasive. Kharris smiled to herself as she placed the small package under the tree she'd put up and decorated with Castien and Ylaise.

She hadn't gone extravagant for gifts for anyone for a few years now. Books, journals, small trinkets, and favorite foods. But time spent with loved ones was lavished and she made sure she savored it. She would make it out to see Keiran, if only for a day or so.

The kitchen at Threadneedle smelled of cookies, candied nuts, breads, and cider. Asarel had consented to wearing the soft, fuzzy pajama...

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-12-13 00:58:00


No one on Azeroth was untouched by War. From the tiniest babe to the oldest crone. She was no different, even though she'd spent considerable personal effort to avoid the wars. She was no fighter in any traditional sense. She wasn't ashamed to say she'd fled the Scourge at Silvermoon. She knew how to hide. She knew how to distract. She knew how to inspire others to be protective.

The Fourth War--the Blood War--was over. That's what they said. Pollux was home more. Briefings and basic work, but home nearly every evening. Work on prosthetics.  She worked at the clinic, but babies and sinuses snuck up and started out numbering rehabilitations. Mercenaries relaxed and laughed in bars. Spies quietly pooled their information in shadows....

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Moonglaive Sentinels 9 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Iyora Silverhawk


Please join us in celebrating the nine year anniversary of / this evening. There will be food, entertainment, and fireworks! (Meeting in Moonglade on Wyrmrest Accord @ 5PM server!)

Illthanyn - Kaldorei Winter Solstice Ritual & Gift Exchange

Iyora Silverhawk


The Winter Solstice Ritual also known as Illthanyn is a time for leaving behind the old and renewing ourselves in Elune's light.

Thusly, for those Sisters (and honored friends) attending the ritual, you need to bring/do the following to Moonglade (Wyrmrest Accord, 5 PM server):

- Please wear something white to show your ready to purify yourself (if you need a white dress, just ask Iyora and she'll whip up some White Woolen Dresses for you)

- Bring something to burn in the ritual fire; this can be an item, or something written on a piece of paper, but this represents something that no longer serves you or something you want to leave behind or get over or get rid of in your life.

- Bring your favored weapon to be blessed

- Bring...

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Moonball Tournament

Iyora Silverhawk


Come to Moonglade for a Moonball Tournament sponsored by the Moonglaive Sentinels @ 5PM Server on Wyrmrest Accord! There will be refreshments and prizes for the winners!

(If you wish to play, make sure you have the Dazzling Rod toy to participate)

Naughty or Nice by Succulent Tart

Belillina Fireseeker

(Original found here..)



Succulent Tart invites you all to our annual Winter Veil holiday celebration: ‘Naughty or Nice’! Come join us for spectacular performances, themed cocktails, GLITTER (of course), and a special visit from Greatfather Winter and his helpers who will be handing out free gifts to all who attend! Celebrate the season with the jolliest bunch of merrymakers this side of Azeroth! 

Saturday, December 21st
Doors open at 6pm (WrA server time)
Show begins at 6:30pm

Whispercloud Rise, Kun-Lai Summit (By the hot air balloon)
*Summons available before 6:30pm for both Horde and Alliance. Whisper a member of ‘Succulent Tart’ Horde side or ‘Succulent Tart Troupe’ Alliance side, or come join our discord...

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Renrael @renrael#153
2019-12-05 03:34:00

Gravity Lapse

He was a mage. He could go wherever his skills could get him. They’d gotten him pretty high, this time. The wind was cool from the sea. His hands were on his knees and he caught his breath through his triumphant smile. He was going to be victorious in this game of Murlocs and Mages. He just knew it. They’d never find him here.

A bird looked at him. He grinned back. Then down the wall.  It was a long way down. The bird dropped off its perch and spiraled in a glide down, down, down then up and away into the sky. He nearly whooped outloud, but then caught himself. He needed a few more minutes to make sure the other kids were found first.

Renrael stood up and stretched his back. He bounced a few times, shaking out the fatigue in his...

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-12-01 21:42:11

Khaeris by Zoratrix

Khaeris by Zoratrix

Khaeris by Zoratrix



This was a gift for doing the Daily Writing Challenge. Thank you, Pollux-player!

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-11-29 00:06:00


The bite of the cider faded only slowly on Khaeris’s tongue. She’d maybe spiked it a little too much. … Maybe. Ha, oh well! No one to know but herself and Pollux. She smirked and took another full drink, holding it in her mouth and picking out flavors as she looked over the quiet Bazaar. People were at home celebrating and sharing food, occasionally people would walk past. She knew them some, Pollux’s neighbors, and they would wave and wish her a happy holiday. Contentment tried to cocoon her. She tried not to fight it.

It was a good day. It had been a small meal, just the two of them, but she was happy for that, too. Pollux had been able to be home more the last month or so. But she didn’t plan on him being there. Even...

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Kharris Dawndancer-Blacksong
kharris @kharris#22
2019-11-14 01:39:00

What Do You Do in the Days after the Dead

Her head rested on Asarel's bare chest, her black hair fanning out over the pale skin. He was not sleeping, he still so rarely slept well, but he was resting. His fingers teased slowly through her hair and she was grateful. Her head chased his hand subtly. He knew what she needed, even if neither of them could articulate it.

Two weeks out, nearly, and she finally felt easy breathing. Her heart was calmer again, with no adrenaline spiking through her sleep, no half-heard voice. That part usually only lasted a few days. The nightmares had had come only one night, but were soothed by the warm embrace of her lover. The other dreams had lingered, as they did every year, but the ache was bittersweet and more welcome.

It was just that she...

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Kavaina Tari
Kavaina @kavaina#166
2019-11-10 16:44:00

Same Old Thing

I know I've not been around for a while, but I didn't realize I had not been in contact with anyone during that time. I must have sent messages or something or else people would have been looking for me. I'm certain their reactions would have been very different if I was gone without a trace.

   How long did I disappear, exactly?

The studio seems just fine. The tavern is running like normal. Maelstrom night wasn't much different than any other time I went, except maybe more Goblins than I remember before. No one looks extremely different from the last I saw of them.

    That was summer time, right?

My head hurts more - enough to make me not go on with my usual drinks and drugs all weekend. I don't remember the last time I...

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Magister Luminash Dawnwing
Luminash @luminash#194
2019-11-05 14:42:00


The Ghostlands remained ever a place of desolation. Here, perhaps, a more desolate place than any for the last children of the Dawnwing line. Among the ruins of the once-proud Dawnwing estate, before a monument of smooth, white marble, starkly pristine in a land of decay, knelt Luminash and Theras, speaking in unison.

“To your memory, Selius Dawnwing, father, magister, and true scion of the Highborne, your son dedicates this flame.”

“To your memory, Selius Dawnwing, grandfather, magister, and true scion of the Highborne, your grandson dedicates this flame.”

Father and son whispered a soft prayer in Thalassian as they knelt before the monument, the magister’s hand cupped over a candle in one of the lower recesses, eyes...

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Magister Luminash Dawnwing
Luminash @luminash#194
2019-11-05 14:41:00


( Occurs after the events of the Eternal Palace. )

“Get up.”

Lithendras started awake on his stone bench. As he sat up, groggily, he sighed, “You have returned. I suppose…this is it, then? The end we have been awaiting?”

Luminash, instead of confirming the Ren’dorei’s suspicion, however, shook his head, “Perhaps not. We must speak.”

The Rift Warden rubbed his eyes, weary as he was, with the heel of his palms, “What about are we to speak, Luminash? I fear there is little left to discuss.”

The magister shuffled scrolls on his desk about idly, his shoulders and body tense, words coming uncharacteristically slowly, “We breached the palace. The Horde and Alliance, jointly…” He looked back briefly to gauge...

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Magister Luminash Dawnwing
Luminash @luminash#194
2019-11-05 14:41:00

Guilt (October Writing Challenge)

(Takes place prior to the conclusion of events at the Eternal Palace and Luminash’s departure from Nazjatar. )

“Hey, you’re here! Why stay up on the hill, anyway, mage-man?”

Luminash had come into Newhome only to pick up supplies, and had hoped to avoid any further contact with the locals. Mac, however, one of the Kelfin siblings who had helped the magister by salvaging naga sites throughout Nazjatar, had seen him, and eagerly run up to him.

“Ah, Mac, it is good to see you,” the magister deflected, “Have our Horde troops been suitable guests here?”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve loved having them! Good people, your Horde, more than willing to help out. Half the hauls we’ve been sending your way have been brought in with...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2019-11-03 18:00:00

Unsettling Dreams

It was a quiet night at the Larethian house. A breeze pushed through the trees outside and brushed up against the house, but the inside was warm and secure from the cool winds of the season. All the candles had been snuffed and shadows danced throughout the home. Only the sounds of sleep could be heard inside.

Deeper into the night, a grunt could be heard from the first floor. Soon another followed. And then another. Braghaman lay on his back, shifting a little from side to side. Suddenly, he grunted again as his head turned to the side and his arms flew into the air as if to ward off an attack. His eyes opened and then blinked several times as he tried to focus on the objects in the dark. Slowly he lowered his arms and brought his...

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-11-01 02:02:00

Not What She Paid For

"Well this isn't Silvermoon..." Khaeris turned around and peered. No, it wasn't Silvermoon at all. She looked back over her shoulder to where the portal had been only a moment prior. No trace of it remained except the slight tingle of the arcane over her skin and it was already fading fast.

"Huh." She spun in another circle and her lips pressed together. She knew where she was. The sky blue and much too close, the spires were tall, and there were a few other travelers in the portal room. The Kirin Tor attending the room bustled her  out the door with an efficiency born of hours of practice. Dalaran.

"Gods and goats." She tried to be annoyed, but she wasn't. She laughed and dug at her pocket knowing what she'd find--her coin purse gone....

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-10-31 02:26:00


The facility in the center of Nazmir was massive. Khaeris eyed it. There would be no denying the thrill of it. And she'd heard it was mostly cleared out now. Mostly.

She rolled her lips and watched as one of those horrible blood ticks crawled out from under a half-burned hut. Clearly it was holing up there, now that the blood trolls were eradicated in the area. Or maybe it had lived there before? She wrinkled her nose. What did they even feed on to get that big? It turned her stomach just to think about it. One of the huge brutosaurs maybe?

Her raptor clicked his tongue in agitation and Khaeris agreed. Her hand rested on his powerful neck, caressing to soothe. They turned away from Uldir and kept to the road heading east. To Torga....

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Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-10-30 02:46:00


Their god have been vanquished, but the Blood Trolls had not all been made aware--or maybe they were just in denial. Khaeris wasn't sure.

There was a village just off this path, but she was careful and swung around it wide. But not  wide enough that she didn't pas near to a small shrine. It had once been to some other loa, but now it had been taken over by the blood trolls for their own uses. A few stone bowls and tablets sat waiting f or their next use and there was a large flat altar.

Khaeris shuddered and kept her raptor moving. They were all old, but the implements were all bloodstained. She would have liked to inspect things more, if she was being honest, but it didn't seem wise, on her own as she was.

Khaeris Dawndancer
khaeris @khaeris#23
2019-10-29 01:24:00

The Home of Death


She gathered that the temple wasn't as quiet at it had been just a few months ago. Spirits poured their way in and she never saw any come out.

There were priests and dedicates around the temple, but they moved with their own purposes and paid little mind to a wandering elf by herself. They had bigger Deaths to think about. They were their own sort of wraith and drifted in and out of  Khaeris's vision nearly as ephemerally.

Khaeris was curious, and her own feet moved her forward in halting steps, unsure how the ritual worked. Would walking inside bind her? She could feel the thrum of heaviness even in the ground around her. Her spirit reverberated with the sheer number of souls that were blooming around her. The superstitious part of her...

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Rimath @rimath#330
2019-10-27 23:07:00

Shadows in the Otherworld


He could get lost out here, looking up hypnotized and seduced. Expanse and deep, the whispers were more cogent here for him. You could feel the promises coil. This was his sister's world, really, but he had followed her. He came back now and then, through the rifts and always felt better being covered. It wasn't precisely cold, but it wasn't really warm either.

The rift made his stomach turn in a way that Outlands and portals never did. It was beautiful but terrifying, too. He hadn't been born for this. He'd chosen this otherworldly place and power, for the sake of family and love.

Estira wasn't here today; wasn't seeking fellowship. He'd find her elsewhere. It was time to leave.

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