Lianellie Quinne

Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2020-09-25 05:47:00

Raindrops on the window pane

Daily Writing Challenge
Day 5
Words: Rain

Waking up yet again in a spot that wasn’t her bed, Lian grabbed onto the neck of her mandolin and set it next to the couch in which she fell asleep on.  Her hair was a mess and a good portion of it was out of the braid so it had been plastered onto her face.  

Fixing her hair as much as she could in a couple moments of time, Lian continued to sit there and do what she could to collect herself and work out the kink in her neck.  Then, upon waking up a bit more her ears twitched as she heard the plink against the window pane.  Pushing herself to her feet and grabbing the mandolin again she stared out of the rain before her mind focused on the...

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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:18:00

Lian's place in society


  • financial: wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty.
  • medical: fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged.
  • class or caste: upper / middle / working / slave / unsure.
  • education: qualified / unqualified / studying.
  • criminal record: yes, for major crimes / yes, for minor crimes / no.


  • married - happily / married - unhappily / engaged or betrothed / partnered / single(ish) / divorced / separated / widowed
  • has a child or children  / has no children / wants children.
  • close with sibling(s) / not close with sibling(s) / has no siblings / sibling(s) is deceased.
  • orphaned / adopted / disowned / raised by birth parent(s) / it’s complicated


  • extroverted / introverted / in...
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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:16:00

Interview with Lian

► Name ➔  “Lianellie Quinne, but most just call me Lia or Lian.”
► Are you single  “To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure.  There is someone I really like, but I’m not entirely sure if we’re dating or not?”
► Are you happy ➔ “Absolutely.”
► Are you angry?   “No.  I don’t really get angry.  I suppose it’s cause of my priestess training, but I just try to keep an open mind.
► Are your parents still married  “Yes.”


► Birth Place  “Arathi Highlands, at my family farm.”
► Hair Color  “Red.”
► Eye Color  “Light green”
► Birthday 
 “June 7th”
► Mood  “Excited.  I’m going to get to see my family again this...

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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:13:00

Lian's D&D class


Your Result:Cleric

You are a cleric! Your power is a gift from the Gods themselves to reward your devotion to their rituals and ideals. Being conduits of divine power, clerics are best known for their ability to heal wounds and destroy unnatural, evil creatures such as the undead. However, depending on the deity you are dedicated to, you are granted additional specialized power according to your God’s tastes. A cleric of a war deity, for instance, is a supernaturally talented warrior, while a Goddess of the forests might grant her disciples the ability to influence animals and plants. A cleric is a tough and dedicated crusader who usually channels divine energy to heal and protect but is equally capable of smiting their foes with...

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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:12:00

Lian's Archtypes

55% Caregiver

Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the Caregiver finds their reward in helping others. No one could ask for a better best friend.

32% Spiritual

The Spiritual seeks a deeper meaning. For them, the journey of faith is never-ending. Thoughtful and compassionate, they have a strong sense of moral obligation.

13% Creative

The Creative appreciates all beautiful things, in art and daily life. The creative act is essential to who they are.

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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:06:00

About Lian


Name: Lianellie Quinne

Age: 23

Height: 5′2″

Weight: 100 lbs

Blood Type: B Positive 

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Date of Birth: June 7th

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Shoe size: 4

Favorite Color(s): Light blue

Favorite smell(s): Cookies, baked goods, home cooked meals, the scent of dew on grass, 

Birth Gem: Moonstone

Race: Arathian human

Talent(s): Healing, sewing, enchanting, cooking, fishing, singing, being rather great with kids.

A wish they have always wanted: To have been home when her brother was killed.

An item they hold dear to their heart: A mace that looks to be imbued by the Light.  It was her brothers before he was killed.

Favorite sound(s): Laughter, sounds of the ocean, rustling of...

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Lianellie Quinne
Lianellie @lianellie#263
2018-12-04 18:04:00

Self Knowledge for Lian


You have delicate, sensitive perceptions; you can be deeply moved by appearances – the right light in a room, or good food, or the texture of a piece of clothing. Expressive, intelligent language has a powerful hold on you; your mind works better when it is inspired and provoked by vivid imagery. It can be sad to live in a world which is often so ugly and not properly looked after. But you know that things can be otherwise, and you have the ability to appreciate the world at its best.


You love it when everything is neat and tidy: when there is a proper way of doing things, and you can tick things off the to-do list and know where everything is. So others, at times, are to you unbearably sloppy and messy. And...

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