Iaerian Starweaver

Iaerian Starweaver
Iaerian @iaerian#350
2021-06-13 16:56:00

Deep and Woven Bonds

The stars twinkled their silent rhythmic melody. Illuminating the darkening canvas of purples and blues overhead, they somehow seem not so far off from where the highborne stood amongst tall, whispering blades of grass about waist high but these couldn’t be the same stars he had grown accustomed to back on Azeroth. In fact, they weren’t at all. These stars were likely different realms of existence where the possibility of alternative afterlives continued to thrive or suffer.

Iaerian’s hands gently brushed against the lively greenery as he ventured deeper into the lush wilds of Ardenweald - not entirely too far off from the group he had arrived with in the first place even if he had felt an irresistible pull off the old beaten...

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