Commander Braghaman Larethian

Commander Braghaman Larethian
2021-04-25 19:51:00

Awakening In A Dark Place

Braghaman took a slow, ragged breath and let out a groan. Then he took another breath. And then another. He could feel rocks pressing into his face. With effort, he drew his hands up his sides and pushed, rolling over onto his back. He let out another grunt. Opening his eyes, everything was a pale blur. He shut his eyes again and tried to remember what happened.

“There was an explosion. I think,” he muttered to himself. “Probably not dead. Shouldn’t hurt if I’m dead.” 

He moved his arms and legs slightly, trying to take stock of his condition. After a few moments, he let out another grunt and forced himself to a sitting position. “Still in one piece, I think.”

Bragh shook his head and took a deep breath. Looking around, he took in the bleak scenery. Next to him he saw his mace laying on the ground. A few feet away he could see his war hammer reflecting the pale light around him. Bragh grabbed his mace and then rolled over to his knees. Standing up, he hung the mace from his belt and then reached behind him, feeling the shield that was still in place. “Guessing we’re not in Azeroth,” the paladin muttered as he walked over and picked up his hammer.

All around him was rocky terrain. In the sky, he could see something flying around. He saw wings, but they looked like no birds he’d ever seen before. One of them seemed to take notice of the paladin and was moving towards him. As it got closer, Bragh could see a humanoid shape that was now hurtling towards him. Realizing this, Bragh dove to the side and rolled across the ground as the winged being crashed into the ground then stood up.

“Another,” the dark, winged creature said as it pointed a sword at Braghaman.

“I don’t suppose we could talk about this,” Bragh said as he stood up and held his war hammer in front of him. “I guess not,” he said as the winged creature charged him.

Braghaman sidestepped as the creature stabbed with its sword. Spinning around, he brought the haft of his hammer around and swept the creature’s leg out from underneath it, knocking it to the ground. The creature, still prone on its back, swung its sword at Bragh’s legs but the paladin planted the haft of his hammer into the ground and blocked the strike. Before the creature could recover, Bragh kicked its hand and sent the sword bouncing across the rocky ground.

The winged creature rolled away from Braghaman and got up to its knees before launching itself forward and tackling the surprised paladin. The creature knocked Bragh to the ground and tried to grab hold of his war hammer. Bragh brought his legs up and placed his feet on the creature’s waist. Then he kicked upwards and sent it flying over his head to land on the ground above him. Bragh rolled to his side and got up to his knees. He raised his war hammer up in the air and brought it around in a wide arc, connecting with the side of the creature. The dark humanoid went limp and stayed on the ground.

Braghaman got to his feet, keeping his eyes on the creature in front of him. Now that he could get a closer look, it seemed like some kind of dark angel. Bragh started scanning the skies again, but didn’t see anymore flying in his direction.

“Definitely not Azeroth. Better find shelter before another one of those things sees me.” Braghaman looked around and saw some rocky outcroppings to his left. Taking a quick spin around to see if anything was nearby, he decided the outcroppings were his best bet and started jogging as best he could in that direction.

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