Commander Braghaman Larethian

Commander Braghaman Larethian
2021-05-16 23:16:00

First Thing

It had taken some time to cross the eerie landscape. The sky was gray and there seemed to be a wailing sound just loud enough to notice but not clear enough to understand. Finally, Braghaman made it to the rocky mountains he had noticed when he first arrived. Creeping along their base, eventually the paladin found an opening. Gripping his war hammer tightly, he peering inside briefly and then ducked back around the edge. When nothing came storming out, he cast a glance around the area before tentatively entering the cave.

The cave was small and did not go deep into the mountain. Bragh looked around the best he could with no light, and saw nothing to give the impression that this was something’s home. He moved to the interior of the cave and sat down with his back against the inner wall. Bragh leaned his head back and closed his eyes, taking several slow, cleansing breaths. After a few quiet moments, he opened his eyes again and started looking around the cave. Nothing exceptional, he thought to himself. Bragh’s head tilted to the side and he listened again, just barely noting the sound as before, but it was much quieter in here.

“Okay, paladin. Step one, check your gear.”

Bragh felt along his breastplate and then the rest of his armor. He could feel a little pockmarking from the explosion, but no tears in the metal. The rest seemed no worse for wear. Next, he checked his weapons. The war hammer looked fine. His mace seemed to be bent slightly to one side, but was still usable. Pulling his shield off his back, he looked it over closely but could find no new damage to it. Setting the mace and shield on the ground next to his war hammer, he then started feeling around his belt.

“Lost a pouch,” he said to himself as he pulled off some torn fabric where the pouch had once hung from his belt. The pouch on the other side of his belt was intact. He reached in and pulled out a magicked stone, its twin given to Niviene. He considered using it, but eventually decided not to. She had not answered before so she may not even have it. Using it might be useless or possibly put me in a worse position, he thought to himself. With a sigh, he looked at the stone once more before putting it back in the pouch.

“Alright, paladin. You’re in a foreign land. No idea where you are. No food. Lost your guildstone, so no way to contact the others. But you’ve been in worse spots, right?”

A nearby roar seemed to answer the paladin’s question. Braghaman grabbed his mace and shield and drew up on one knee. There was another roar outside of the cave, but it seemed quieter and more distant that the first. Bragh waited tensely, but nothing ever appeared at the cave’s entrance.

“Right. Worse spots.” Bragh leaned back against the cave wall and sat back down. “Guess the first thing is to figure out where the fel I am.”

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