Commander Braghaman Larethian

Commander Braghaman Larethian
2021-05-29 22:55:00

Lost Souls

Braghaman startled awake. He looked around his cave, wondering if the screaming he had heard was real or just a part of the disturbing dreams he was having in this forsaken place. Then he heard the plea again.


Without hesitation, the paladin picked up his war hammer and ran out of the cave. A few yards ahead of him stood an armored figured. His pauldrons had spikes pointing to the sky and he carried a sword that glowed white. The armored figure was leaning over and reaching down with his free hand. On the ground at his feet appeared to be a glowing figure who was shirking away from the armored hand reaching for it.

Braghaman ran forward with his war hammer raised. No yell or challenge came from the paladin as he rushed up to the armored figure and brought his hammer down in the center of its back. The armored figured tumbled forward to the ground. Bragh looked down and started to reach his hand out to help the fallen person up, but stopped short. The figure on the ground was pale and translucent. It seemed to look up at the paladin and then faded away on the wind. Bragh stood staring at the spot a moment longer, perplexed by what he had seen, when he was pulled back to the present by the sound of armor ringing against itself.

The armored figure rose up from the ground and turned to face the paladin. Bragh could see no face through the figure’s visor as it turned and raised its sword. With an unexpected swiftness, the figure ran at Braghaman and raised its sword high, bringing it down at the paladin. Bragh brought his hammer up just in time to stop the blow, then twisted it to the side to deflect the blade.

Bragh stepped back from the figure in front of him and readjusted his grip on the war hammer. The armored figure brought its sword back around and pointed it at the paladin before charging again. As the armored figure swung its sword from the side, Bragh planted the but of his haft into the ground in between him and the blade. There was a loud clanging sound as the blade struck Bragh’s hammer and caused it to slide against the ground.

Bragh kicked back with his heel into the butt of his haft, causing it to twist up in his hand. Tightening his grip, he jabbed the hammer into the enemy’s chest and knocked him back a couple of steps. Before the armored figure could recover, Bragh swung his hammer around in a wide arc over his head and brought around against the enemy’s knee. There was a metallic crunching sound as the armored figure dropped to the ground. Bragh raised his hammer up one more time and brought it down heavily against the enemy’s helm, crushing it. The armor fell flat to the ground and stopped moving.

Braghaman kicked at the armor and watched as it fell apart, no body was inside. A confused look came across the paladin’s face but it was quickly replaced with concern as he heard screeches echoing around him.

“Not a good idea, paladin,” Braghaman muttered to himself. “Better find a new place to hide before this one gets overrun.”

Bragh surveyed the landscape and saw some more rocky outcroppings in the distance. Getting a tight grip of his hammer with one hand and holding his mace against his thigh with the other, the paladin began jogging away, constantly looking around for another attack.

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