Commander Braghaman Larethian

Commander Braghaman Larethian
2021-05-29 23:19:00

Search and Destroy

The window slid open with a click and a figure dressed in black slid into the room. A mask covered his face as he looked from side to side. The office was ornate, ostentatious even to his eyes.

“So much for a simple man of the cloth,” Erik whispered to himself as he crossed the room to the fancy desk. The rogue shuffled through the papers that sat on top of the desk but he didn’t appear to find what he was looking for. He then pulled open the drawers one at a time and searched each. Opening the final drawer, he pulled some papers out and looked through them. Again, apparently not finding what he was looking for, he started to put them back in the drawer when he stopped. Setting the papers on top of the desk, he then reached into the drawer and pulled out a stone. Turning it over in his hand, he saw that it looked remarkably like the guild stone he carried in his own pouch. Shoving it into his pocket, he pushed the drawer closed.

“I don’t care what they believe. This is my office and until I have been relieved of my duties I shall continue my task of bringing the Light to this retched place.”

Erik looked up at the door as the voices outside stopped. Quickly, he pulled a round flask, with a long string sticking out of it, from his belt. He set it inside one of the drawers, pulled his flint out, struck a spark to the fuse and quickly shut the drawer. The rogue then ran to the window and quickly climbed out.

The door to the room opened and in walked the bishop. Lancaster cast a seething glance at the priest who followed him in but neither said a word. Turning, The bishop walked over to his desk and then stopped.

“Someone has been here. Someone has been in my office!”

“The door was locked, your eminence.”

“I don’t care if the door was locked. These papers,” he said, pointing to a stack sitting on the desk, “were in the drawer.”

“Are you certain, sir? Maybe you took them out and forgot.”

“I am positive, you blind dolt. I would not have,” he began as he opened up the drawer and saw the flask, the fuse almost completely spent. The bishop’s eyes grew wide and he froze for a moment before yelling, “Run!”

The bishop and the priest sprinted for the door and turned into the hall just in time. There was an explosion from inside the office and tongues of flames briefly shot out the doorway before vanishing. The two men picked themselves up off the ground and peered around the corner of the door into the room. The desk was gone and there were scorch marks on the floor and ceiling with pieces of wood scattered throughout the room.

“Call the guard!” the bishop roared. “Not those foolish paladins. Get me the real guards! We will get to the bottom of who just tried to kill me!”    

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