Lixxil Rocketwrench

Lixxil Rocketwrench
Lixxil Rocketwrench
2021-03-15 22:12:00

Side gig, pt. 1

Lixxil clutched her cloak tighter around her shoulders, glancing upward from under the foot bridge over the canal. The guard paused as he passed above before continuing on his way, and Lixxil let out a small breath. They wouldn't shoot her on sight, but Kezanians definitely weren't welcome in Stormwind after Gallywix sealed their fate by siding with the Horde. Checking again, she made her way up the stairs, nailed a poster the bulletin board, and then made her way toward the tram. She'd feel a lot better on the Dwarven end of the tunnel.

Deeprun Tram, Ironforge entrance.
Every third Wednesday, fights begin at the eighth bell.
No weapons. Healers and medics on site.
100g entrance fee. Cash prize based on attendance.
All races welcome!

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Lixxil Rocketwrench
Goblin Mercinary
Eye Color Blue
Height 4'1"
Body shape Athletic
Residence Booty Bay
Realm Wyrmrest Accord - US