Mythlleass Nightbreeze


A chip off the old block, Myth has completely inherited his sire’s good looks as he really does look like a younger version of Ourrin Highblade. Long flowing silver-white hair that he usually keeps in a long braid, chiseled face, strong jaw, and open, expressive eyes complete a very handsome lad, but along with a well-toned body that still has the leanness of youth lingering in his lines - he’s a knockout and he’s aware of it. He often dresses to show off his body, usually wearing leathers that allow maximum movement as in learning how to fight like the Pandarens do requires this. One quirk is that he hates wearing shoes or boots as he’s usually barefoot and has built up the calluses on his soles to where he doesn’t need them anymore (unless he’s headed somewhere cold enough to be forced to wear some sort of protection). While Myth loves how he looks (and doesn’t mind using them to net some ladies), he is well aware of how it’s a double-edged sword as the people who knew Ourrin can certainly see the resemblance in Myth and he often gets judged for it (and usually not in a positive light) before he can make an impression otherwise, much to his eternal aggravation.


Son of Ourrin Highblade and the Sentinel Milyurae Shadesword, Myth was a not-so-happy accident from a brief dalliance between his parents after his mother’s original mate (a druid that she had his older brother Lhor’jhoni with) died at the hands of a satyr. Milyurae was still very depressed from her mate’s murder and when Ourrin showed up, she thought she’d try to forget him in Ourrin’s arms. For a time, it worked as the two got along seemingly well (they liked sparring with each other in more ways than one), but as always with Ourrin, the moment Milyurae got pregnant he left. Raising Lhor alone and now pregnant with Myth, she had to leave the Sentinel army (which was her life), her depression grew as she became bitter. Lhor helped his mother as much as he could as he was a very supportive big brother to Myth and Myth grew up trying to cheer up and get approval from his mother who sadly repaid the boy with indifference ranging to some scorn as he looked exactly like his father - a constant reminder of her relationship failure with Ourrin. When Lhor had to go off to be trained as a druid, Myth stayed behind to take care of their mother, where he found his love of cooking. Their relationship improved a bit as she trained him as a warrior (as he had absolutely no aptitude for anything else), which he took to well, but wasn’t anything spectacular as a fighter. Then one day he witnessed a Pandaren fight and was completely awe-struck, instantly begging where he could learn such skills, the Pandaren told him of their Master and sent Myth to train with them and their blessing. Since then Myth alternates between training with his Master and going home to check on his mother in Feathermoon. Recently he’s been visiting Darnassus more as his brother has been apprenticed to his Uncle Jartsam (Myth’s biological uncle through Ourrin, not Lhor) and it gives him an excuse to come and flirt with the ladies in the Kaldorei capitol. Another recent happening was that he was talked into being used as a stud by a couple of married human women and has sired a human-night elf hybrid daughter (Nellwyn) that he knows of, but has never met himself.

Currently he is happily married to Kaviri Nightbreeze and is now the owner of an eatery in Nighthaven called The Nightbreeze after his new family and they are expecting their first child.

Mythlleass Nightbreeze
Kaldorei Chef (Monk)
Age 378
Eye Color Silver
Height 7'10"
Body shape Lean and muscular
Residence Nighthaven in Moonglade
Realm Wyrmrest Accord - US