Niviene Larethian


Niviene is petite, barely 5'2", with a small frame. Her hair is honey blond, reaching to the small of her back with natural waves. Nowadays you might see a stray gray or two at her temples. When she's in a good place her eyes are sky blue, however, they will turn to the gray of a stormy sea when her emotions take a darker turn.


Born and raised in Southshore into a fanatical, loveless family, Niviene traveled to Stormwind when she was twenty two. She was brought up believing that her mission in life was to rid the world of warlocks, focusing on a single one when she arrived in the capital city. After a disastrous failed assassination attempt she was assigned a mentorship with the warlock friend of her guild leader.

At first despising her mentor, time, patience, and wisdom on his part eventually changed her views on warlocks, this one in particular. After nearly a year she found that she had fallen in love with him and he with her, the two married and settled down to live in a remote area where Noctifer could continue his studies uninterrupted.

All was well for several years and Niviene was quite content with her life until Noctifer disappeared. She traveled to Duskwood where she learned that he had followed his daughter through a portal that had closed up behind them, taking them to another dimension from which they could never return.

Many things had changed since she’d left Duskwood but there was one, solid reminder of her past life in the region; Braghaman Larethian. Bragh, once married to Noctifer’s daughter, was now raising their son alone. The two of them renewed their friendship and she found herself relying on him as she took up residence in the house she’d once shared with Noctifer.

Brought together by grief and the need of familiar companionship, the soon fell in love and married. Now they live together with Banny, Braghaman’s son, and Korissa, a girl Niviene adopted from an abusive, neglectful local addict.

Niviene is the headmistress of Darkshire Academy while Braghaman trains paladin recruits sent from Stormwind.