Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-03-10 00:23:00

Onward Goes the Journey

“I want her to go with the next group out.” Bishop Lancaster glared at Niviene from across the way. “She must be made to serve the Light as is her duty. Do not give her time to think, time to pine for her family. A priest’s first, and only, duty is to serve the Light. She has forgotten that. We will remind her, even if it breaks her in the process.”

The underling priest glanced at the Bishop before nodding his head, “Yes sir. Of course sir. Might I suggest Maldraxxus. There should be more than enough going on there to keep her occupied. It is not the place for the faint of heart. She will be kept on her toes, she will either see the error of her ways, or break.”

Lancaster chuckled merrily, “Yes. That will do nicely. See to it at once.” he turned to go then stopped, speaking over his shoulder though his gaze never touched the priest, “Mind you, she’s willful and will no doubt give you trouble. Perhaps you should slip something into her tea to make her more pliable.”

“Yes your grace, it will be done.” replied the priest, already opening the pouch at his waist. 

The bishop nodded, his eyes boring into the back of Niviene’s skull. She glanced up, looking around until her own blue orbs rested on the clergyman. She met his gaze, squaring her shoulders and raising her chin in defiance. Lancaster snarled as he broke eye contact with the headmistress. “Light, I hate headstrong women.”

“Greeley, work her. Allow her no rest, no peace. She will serve the Light. Or she will serve no one.” 

“Aye your Grace, as you will.” the underling nodded, a malicious grin splitting his features. 

He poured his herbal concoction into a cup of tea, schooled his expression to that of a harried, subservient priest, and walked across the courtyard. When he reached Niviene he stopped, “Tea sister? You look parched, you’ve been working non-stop for hours.”

Niviene looked up with a small smile, nodded and took the cup, sipping at the fragrant tea. “Is there word on our departure?” she asked.

“Aye miss, you’ll be on the next group out.” his said, reaching out to take the teacup as it tumbled from the priestess’ suddenly numb fingers. She looked up, bewildered as the man stepped forward, reaching for her. She opened her mouth to protest then slumped back, his arms coming up to catch her before she fell to the ground.

Brother Greeley called out to a guard, “Take this one to the group going to Maldraxxus.” he said. 

The guard lifted Niviene into his arms, a questioning gaze on the priest. “She’s exhausted. Let her sleep through the trip, She’ll be fine when she arrives. Be sure she goes right to work though. This one likes to shirk her duties if given the chance.”

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