Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-03-13 22:49:00

Next Stop, Maldraxxus

“You don’t belong here.” 

Niviene raised her head, shoving a mass of dirty, tangled hair from bloodshot eyes. She looked around, her unfocused eyes finally settling in the general area of the one who spoke, “I don’t even know where here is.”

“Yeah? Well I’ll give ya odds it ain’t where you’re supposed to be.” the speaker stepped closer to the priestess, sniffing lightly at the air around her, “You’re a healer ain’t ya? You smell of camphor, and blood.”

Moving away from the diminutive woman, Niviene was finally able to clear her head enough to take in their surroundings. Her companion was a goblin with hair the color of ripe strawberries, pulled up in a ponytail that bounced when she moved, her bangs falling above eyes the color of heather. In her overly large hand she held a bowl of water, and had a cloth draped across her shoulder.

“You’re supposed to clean up before they’ll let you out. Can’t let their little prisoner look like one ya know.” she set the items on an overturned crate, “There’s food over there if you’re hungry.” she turned to go then paused, “I wouldn’t touch it if I were you.”

As the goblin neared the door Niviene waved her to stop, “Where are we?” What is this place?”

A smirk shadowed the woman’s smooth green skin, “Maldraxxus. I don’t know who you are lady, but you must’ve really pissed somebody off.”

Alone in her room now, Niviene rose weakly to her feet and made her way to the small table under a window too high to see from. She toyed with the food for a moment then picked up a beaker of water. It had a slightly bitter flavor but it was cool and wet. She drank it without pause, finally putting the empty glass down.

She moved listlessly to the basin of water and began washing away as much of the passed day from her skin as possible, then she sat back down, combing her fingers through her hair, removing most of the tangles. 

“Yo! Quit yer lollygaggin, it’s time to earn your keep. There’s wounded to tend to.” the guard opened the door and stepped inside the cell. He reached Niviene’s side before she had time to respond. He pulled her roughly to her feet, barely giving her time to catch her balance before he shoved her toward the door. 

She stood for a moment, looking around blankly until the guard pushed her again, she stumbled down the hall, following his grunted directions in silent obedience. When they reached the outside she stopped again, staring blankly ahead.

He clapped a meaty hand on her shoulder, shaking her roughly. She blinked and turned following the direction his fat finger pointed, “Get a move on missy, they ain’t gonna heal themselves.”

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