Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-03-28 17:37:00

Almost Aided

There were no new patients, everyone had been seen to. They were resting as comfortably as possible in a field hospital; all was quiet save for the soft snores and occasional muttered word. Niviene stood, her gaze locked on the tent flap, her body poised as if ready to spring into action. 

“I can’t believe we actually get a chance to breathe.” the night elf commented as she pushed a lock of dark blue hair from her eyes. She looked at Niviene with a weary smile. “I think you’d best rest miss. This lull isn’t likely going to last long.”

She frowned slightly when there was no response from the blonde woman. “Miss? Are you alright?” she asked, moving to stand in front of the priestess. Niviene didn’t move, she didn’t even blink. Tipping her head sideways the night elf peered into sky blue eyes, gasping at the nothing she saw. It was as if the woman were carved of ivory, stiff, pale, and cold.

She took Niviene by the shoulders, giving her a brisk shake, “Miss! Miss! Are you okay?”

Niviene blinked, finally taking her eyes from the entryway and looking up at the night elf. “What? Oh. Yes. I’m fine.” her voice was thin and shaky. She allowed the elf to lead her to a bench, guiding her to sit. 

“When is the last time you ate?” she asked, then wrinkled her nose, “Or took a bath?”

“No time for baths. I have to care for the wounded.” she turned her gaze back to the tent flap, “I don’t eat.”

“What do you mean you don’t eat? Here? Why?”

“You can’t trust the food. They… they might drug it.”

“Oh honey. Here.'' The night elf knelt at Niviene’s side and held out her hand, there was a blur of energy and her empty palm now held a small loaf of bread.

The mage watched as Niviene plucked a small piece of bread and carried it to her mouth though her hand dropped to her lap before she’d managed to eat it. “I’ve had water. It tastes funny but I know I have to have something so…” her voice trailed off and her eyes turned once more to the door.

Finara moved to block Niviene’s view of the entryway, forcing the priestess to look up. “Eat the bread.” she said as she conjured a skin of water, handing it over. “Drink this, I’m going to get yo...”

Her words were cut off as a guard strode in, bellowing, “What’s going on here? Get away from her mage. You’ve no business here!” he grabbed the bread from Niviene’s hand and tossed it aside, “get back to your duties elf. She’s got work of her own.”

A dwarf stepped up with a tray of cups, Niviene dropped the skin of conjured water and took a cup, drinking deeply of the bitter liquid. She put the empty vessel on the tray and turned once more to stare at the tent flap, her body poised as if ready to spring into action.

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