Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-04-14 22:04:00


“You know, I’ve never seen her eat, all she takes is water.” the woman whispered to her companion as they watched the priestess, zombielike in her dogged efforts to treat the wounded that trickled into the field hospital.

They watched her for a moment before the other woman replied, “I don’t think she sleeps either. Not enough you could tell it anyway.”

A third woman shook her head, tisking, “It ain’t natural I tell you. No one is that dedicated to the Light.”

The first woman gave a bark of laughter, “You haven’t seen his grace, the bishop have you? This one would set that cold heart to pitter patting.”

Finara shook her head, her brow creased with concern, “No. It isn’t natural. She’s like a machine that’s programmed to treat patients and nothing else. She’s getting weaker by the day. Try as I might I can’t get her to take more than a nibble of biscuits. Conjured food won’t sustain her for long, even if she ate a ton of it. But birds eat more than she does.”

The chatter suddenly died down when a burly guard in dark robes pushed through the group, he stopped at Niviene’s side and glared down at her, “Get yer things together, yer movin again, Bishop’s orders.”

The priestess didn’t look up, merely nodded, “I have to treat the patients.” she murmured.

“That’s right miss, and when yer done you can treat me.” he leered down at her.

She turned and looked up at him, a shadow of emotion flickering across her features, “Are you injured?”

The guard grinned, showing teeth black with rot, “Oh aye, I got an achin somethin fierce down here.” he clutched his groin and sneered, “I bet you got just the thing for it too.” he reached a calloused hand toward Niviene but froze when a draenei stepped forward, a hoof trodding lightly on the top of his foot.

“I’m sure his grace will not mind if you dally with his prized priestess. I have heard that he is such a giving man.”

The guard blanched, stepping back, “Whatever, get ‘er ready, we leave on the hour.” he snarled before he turned on his heels, leaving as quickly as he could without actually running.

When the guard was out of sight Finara turned to the group of women, “We can’t let him take her. They’ll kill her at this rate. And you heard him, she’s going. We aren’t; we won’t be able to look out for her.”

The clamor of voices was instant, each woman giving their ideas and opinions but none offering to help until the draenei stepped forward, “Can you cast a portal to this?” she asked, holding out a weathered hearthstone.

The night elf looked at the stone then nodded, “Yes, but do you think it will do any good.?”

Xannau smiled slyly, “Well, I don’t think his grace has jurisdiction on Draenor.”

The two turned to look at the women who surrounded them, “Any of you care to join us?” Finara queried, when there was no reply the night elf took the hearthstone, closing her fingers around it. There was a shimmer of energy that coalesced into a tear that began to widen. The night elf and draenei  each took one of Niviene’s hands and led her toward the portal.

“Are we going to help someone?” the priestess asked.

“Yes sister, we’re going to help someone in dire need.” Xaanau answered as they stepped through the portal that closed quickly behind them.

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