Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-04-21 23:46:00

Should There Be a Need

Life in the garrison hadn’t changed since she’d been there last. There was the usual bustle of people coming and going, hunters and farmers bringing in food for the populace, soldiers patrolling the walls and the perimeter.

The draenei who had taken over once the Shrouded Dawn left had done well. The small fortress was well fortified and guarded. She knew she was safe, knew that Lancaster could not reach her here. 

It had been several days since she had finally rid herself of the last of the drugs that had warped her mind to the bishop’s bidding. Finara, Xaanau, and the elder draenei women watched her closely, ensuring that she ate properly, fussing over her pale skin and the circles under her eyes.

They watched her so closely that Niviene had begun to crave alone time, searching for moments she could have to herself. When an envoy arrived from off world everyone was in a tizzy and the priestess used the excitement to slip into the shadows and away from the crowd. 

She would not leave the protection of the stronghold but she followed the path she knew would take her to a familiar place of peace.

The water was like a warm caress, the breeze like a soft whisper in her ear. Niviene sat on the bank of the pond, her bare feet and legs dangling over the edge. She sat with her face turned toward the sun, her eyes closed as she allowed herself to be lost in distant memories.

It was here that she and Braghaman had first come together, where they’d consummated the love that had grown between them. It had been a full moon above them that night, and millions of stars in the sky. But for the priestess there was nothing and no one but the man who held her and whispered sweet words of love.

She opened her eyes, sighing heavily. It felt like eons since she had seen her husband. Her stomach knotted when she thought of how he must feel, knowing only that she had disappeared without a trace.

She had been sure he would come for her. Had known he would ride in on Valiant and rescue her from the nightmare her life had become. But he hadn’t. There had been that glimpse of Erik, surely Bragh had sent him to find her. But then… nothing.

What had happened to him? Was he alright? Not once did she allow herself to think he had abandoned her. Not once did the idea that he didn’t care cross her mind.

She drew her feet from the water, pulling her knees to her chest, folding in on herself as she thought of the children. What must they be thinking of her disappearance? Who was taking care of them while Bragh searched for her? Did they know that she would never leave them of her own accord?

She bent her head, pressing her brow to her knees as she choked back a sob. She knew, as well as she knew her own name, that Braghaman would not rest until he brought her home again. That so much time had passed since she’d been taken could only mean one thing.

Niviene snapped her head up, shaking it vehemently, Braghaman would come for her. He would. She would not give into the sorrow that threatened to break her. She was a strong woman. She had been through too much to give in now. And she knew that Braghaman would move heaven and earth to bring her home.

Just as she would do for him, should there be a need.

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