Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-04-25 21:33:00


“What do you mean she isn’t here?”  her voice was as calm and matter of fact as if she had been asking after his health.

The sergeant of the guard gave a soft sigh of relief, relaxing the clinched muscles in his stomach. “Well miss she just isn’t. The folks that were there said she’d gone to another outpost. The lot of ‘em did ma;am, the whole crew she was with. ”

“And did you find her there?” the priestess asked.

“Uh… no miss. It was orders to have her moved and since she’d already gone we figured the work was done.” he answered, his voice less sure than it had been before.

Adeliza Lancaster straightened, turning cold, hard eyes on the man. He swallowed thickly, his stomach knotting again as she took a step closer to him. “You are not paid to figure anything. You are paid to do the bidding of my brother and I. It was not our wish that she remain in Maldraxxus was it?” she took another step forward, “No. You were told to take her to the Maw.” another step, “And is she there? Do you even know?”

She stepped forward again, stopping only when she was toe to toe with the soldier, “I came to this Light forsaken place to see that she was transported safely to the Maw. Instead I am forced to deal with the incompetence of a man. Again. I grow weary of it, I grow weary of you.” 

The sergeant thought to step away from her but found his legs would not obey. He felt a fog rise up in his mind, obscuring all thought as he stared into her frost white eyes. Adeliza glanced from the guard to the pit of bubbling acid, seething beneath the stone bridge on which she stood. With a flick of her gaze the guard stepped forward, moving smoothly though his eyes widened with stark terror.

His face was a study in fear, his expression making it plain he did not wish to move forward but his body refused to obey. His will at least. The priestess tilted her head and the captain stepped up to the ledge. His eyes met hers, pleadingly, before he took one final step and plunged out of sight beneath the gurgling green ooze.

She watched the surface for a moment then smiled coldly, turning on her heels toward the remaining men, “Now. I suggest you find Sister Larethian before anyone else does.”

Adeliza turned her back on the guards, confident that they were scrambling to do her bidding. She looked out over the acidic sludge, nodding, “I can work with this, turn it to our favor.” she looked to the woman beside her, “I need to get to Stormwind. Now.”

The lady’s maid nodded and did as her mistress commanded, the two of them stepping through the portal and into the Mage’s tower, descending to the street. The priestess ignored the bustling city around her, making her way to the cathedral.

Entering a side door Adeliza went directly to the east wing, climbing the stairs until she found herself in the administrative offices. An hour later she made her way to the dungeon below, a cathedral lawyer in tow.

The lawyer handed a document to the captain of the guard, who read it, his features darkening with a scowl. “I need to clear this with Sir Shadowbreaker first.” he grumbled.

“No. You do not. That is an order of release. There is no proof that what passed here was anything more than words. Mrs. Larethian is not being held by the bishop’s men against her will in Maldraxxus, nor anywhere else. We have no idea where the woman is. She has not been seen by his grace, his sister, or his followers in quite some time. There are no grounds for you to keep Bishop Lancaster here.”

The lawyer waited for the captain to unlock the cell door, sneering when he reluctantly fitted the key in the lock. “A man is free to voice his opinion, even if it insults those who hear it. Opinions are not illegal. I know, I checked.”

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