Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-05-04 23:54:00

A New Player

“You’ve been watching? What did you learn?’ The voice was low, feminine, of an indeterminate age. The woman to whom it belonged was heavily shrouded in black lace veils until it was nigh on impossible to see her face. But the other woman reckoned she was getting paid enough that those were details she didn’t really need to know.

Caliana nodded, “They know she’s in Draenor somewhere though not her precise location.”

The veiled woman turned away, her voice resigned, “I thought as much. You must bring her here. She will be safe here.”

“Are you sure? This place looks dangerous to me. These people are strange.” Caliana looked pointedly at a dredger, “Grotesque even.”

Soft laughter floated from beneath the veil, “They can be. But she is known here. She is loved. She will be safe until he can come for her.”

“Won’t she be recognized when she comes through the portal in Oribos?” 

“Probably, if she were going through as herself. But we have this.” the woman held out a wand.

Caliana cocked a brow at that, “Isn’t that a Hallow’s End toy wand?”

She could hear the smile in the voice of the veiled woman, “Well... yeah.. But if you use it on one another you’ll look like a pair of night elves and no one will think to question you. Of course, since the spell comes from a child’s toy it won’t bear close scrutiny. You'll have to get her through the portal and on the flight path to Revendreth in minutes or else we’re done for.”

The woman handed Caliana a hand drawn map, “Once there you can ride carriages to get to this location. There is a place where she can stay. It’s remote, the terrain is somewhat harsh, and the inhabitants just a little more so. But she’ll be safe. Only someone very determined will get to her. And only someone who has her best interests at heart.”

Caliana looked skeptical but nodded, “If you say so. This is your plan and the priestess seems to be pretty important to you. What with the bargains you’ve made with the Venthyr and all. I guess you aren’t going to do anything half as... “ she paused, glancing toward the veiled woman, “half way.”

The soft laughter sounded again, “No, I wouldn’t.” the woman started to turn away then paused, “There is a man looking for her, bald, dresses in leather. He has intense eyes. Try your best to stay out of his way but don't do anything to cause him harm. If he finds you it’s alright to give the priestess over to his care. Anyone else…” she made eye contact with Caliana through the heavy lace, “kill them.”

“I’m a tracker, not an assassin.” Caliana answered.

“Sister Niviene is your charge, you will do whatever it takes to get her to safety.”

Cali stared for a moment then looked away, nodding, “Fine. But I have to ask. Who is this woman. Why do you care so much?”

The woman’s voice softened, the smile creeping back into her words, “She was like a mother to me.” 

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