Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-05-16 16:32:00

Two More for Tea

Niviene lay in the bed, her body tense as a drawn bow string, listening to the noises around her. She didn’t know what made her wake, but she had learned long ago to trust her instincts, something she had become lax with, something the recent events had proven could never be shrugged off as nothing important.

She lay there, listening until the power of sleep had almost lulled her back, when a shadow moved from the corner of the room. Before the priestess could react the shadow spoke, its voice a mere whisper, “It’s alright Mrs. Larethian. I won’t hurt you. I’ve come to help. I know you have no reason to believe me so I brought you this.” the woman held out her hand so that the light slipping into the room between the parted curtains fell on a small broach. 

The broach was made of enameled metal, a small cluster of forget me nots, their petals various shades of blue with a touch of pink. Niviene gasped at the sight of it, “Where did you get that? Kori? Is she alright? Who are you? Who sent you?”

The woman took a step forward, her hands extended until Niviene could see her features, “I was given this by the woman who sent me. She said you would know it. I’m sorry that I can’t answer your other questions, I don’t know who Korissa is.”

Niviene reached for the broach, “My daughter. She made this for me at school. Forget me nots are my favorite flower. I always wear it, except for the day I was taken. My husband took it to the jeweler to have the clasp fixed.” the priestess laid her hand upon the bodice of her night gown, where the broach would have been had she worn it.

The woman nodded, “My name is Caliana, We have to go. The Lancasters are closing in on you and it appears there’s another person, a dangerous person, looking for you. My employer has found the safest place for you to be. The bishop wants you, but by now the sister wants you dead. It isn’t safe here. Will you come with me?”

Niviene looked from Caliana to the broach and nodded, “Yes. Just let me get dressed. I don’t suppose I can leave a note for my hostesses can I.” she stated.

Within minutes the priestess was dressed and clutching a small bundle in her hands, the broach now safely pinned to the bodice of her dress. Caliana pulled what looked like a hearthstone from her pocket, grasped hold of Niviene’s hand tightly and gave the stone a squeeze. There was a blur of power and then they were standing on the platform in Oribos.

Niviene tried to pull her hand free of the woman’s grasp but Caliana held fast, “Are you crazy! They know me here. You’re going to get me caught!” she hissed.

Cali ignored the priestess as she pulled a wand from her bag, raising it to point at her companion. This will disguise us long enough to get to the flight path.”

“Seriously? A Hollow’s End wand? You’re working with them aren’t you? This is a cruel joke meant to give me false hope so they can laugh.” 

“Look, I know it’s a long shot but it’s the best chance we’ve got. I promise I don’t work for that toady family. Either you trust me and we get out of here, or we keep discussing it until someone notices.” Cali nodded toward a pair of guards coming closer as they made either rounds.

Niviene sighed and nodded reluctantly, “Light help me but okay. Let’s get a move on.”

Caliana waved the wand, the air waivered around them and in their place stood two night elves, identical night elves. 

Niviene rolled her eyes, “Lovely. Just lovely.”

Cali stuffed the wand back into her bag, tugged Niviene’s hand again and took off at a smart pace to the flight master. A few people turned to look at their passing but didn’t seem to think much of it. Since the maw walkers had arrived there was no end to the oddities that had walked through the halls of Oribos.

“This other person, the one looking for me… what do you know about him?” Niviene asked as they went to the lower level.

Caliana glanced back at her and shrugged, “Dunno, bald I think. Dresses in leather.” they moved past several platforms, stopping to talk to a pair of very tall, very pale people. Niviene looked closely, they obviously weren’t human, with their expansive gestures when they spoke, the man’s oddly ornate hair style, and their exotic clothing. They turned to look at Caliana, listened to her speak and then two pairs of eyes settled on the priestess, their expressions seemingly filled with excitement. While the man reached into the pocket of his robes, pulling out another hearthstone that he then handed to Cali, the woman turned to Niviene, her voice almost a purr, “Darkest greetings mother.” she said with a slightly bowed head.

Niviene blinked, ready to speak when Cali gave another tug of her hand. The priestess turned toward her companion, in time to see her clasp the stone. She fumbled at the broach on her bodice, tugging it free and dropping it, the swirl of her skirts hiding it as it fell to the floor. She hoped the venthyr hadn’t noticed, but they had both turned back to their animated conversation.

A blur of energy surrounded them again and when it cleared Niviene found herself in the ruins of a manor where another of those strange people was sitting down to tea with a pair of dredgers. The venthyr rose from his chair, his eyes sparking with delight, “My dear! Lovely of you to join me. Let’s just do away with that nonsense.” he gestured and the disguise from the wand fell away. “Much better. My, my, but aren’t you just as beautiful as our little sunshine said.” 

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