Niviene Larethian

Niviene Larethian
Niviene Larethian
2021-06-25 22:28:00


The man stood quietly awaiting the arrival of his master, the picture of dignity and lordly reserve. His dark blonde curls shining in the torchlight, his features appeared to be carved of pristine marble. Heavily lidded eyes of amber swept the room as he wondered when his host would arrive. While he waited Caesarius watched the members of court, taking note of the various cliques, and who appeared to be in, or out, of favor.

It was only time hewn experience that allowed the man to hide his surprise when he heard a voice speak so close that it might have been in his head.

“The young one has taken you into her confidence, yes?”

“She has sire. She suspects nothing.” 

“What is it they call her? Sunshine? Sunny?”

“Yes sire. For her hair, it shines like the sun even under the dismal skies of Revendreth.”

Denathrius pondered for a moment, “Do you have her name? Her real name?”

“No sire. She does not give it. But if it please my liege, I will.”


The imp bounced nervously, the heavily veiled woman narrowed her eyes at him, not that he could see them through the lace, it was just… an air she gave off. He knew, without knowing, that she was unhappy with him.

She allowed him to stew in his discomfort a while longer before she spoke, her voice calm, and all the more frightening for it, “You spoke to her.”

“Well yeah, you told me to. You told me to give her a message. I couldn’t give her the message without talking.” the imp replied.

She crossed her arms, leveling her gaze on the diminutive demon.

“Okay, fine. Maybe a little. I may have said I’d see her in a couple years.” the imp said as he crossed his arms, mimicking his mistress.

The woman gasped then turned, dropping into a chair with a heavy sigh, “You could very well have changed the timeline. Changed the future.”

“But that’s good ain’t it? Anything that could keep you from being here, at your age. You’re way too young to be here, Sunny. Maybe, if she starts now… that… thing… won’t happen and you won’t die.”

She shook her head, her voice taking on an edge, “If I had not died I would not be able to help them now would I? I would not be here, I would not know what I know.” she shook her head, nearly dislodging the veil, “It is my sin that brought them here. How can I atone if I cannot help to prevent this tragedy?”

The imp peered at her, his head tilted to the side, “That isn’t how this works princess. Atoning doesn’t mean erasing the sin altogether. And I’ve told you a million times, you ain’t had nothing to do with it.”

Sunshine opened her mouth to speak but her words were cut off by the sound of footsteps approaching. She turned to the sound, a smile dancing at the corners of her mouth.

“Hello darling, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Caesarius said, turning a derisive gaze upon the imp as he reached for the woman’s hands.

She stepped closer, curling her fingers around his as she shook her head, “No. he was just leaving.” 

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