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Venibeth Stokes
Venibeth @venibeth#323
2020-12-25 02:05:00

Into the Maw

Whispers about the Maw spread like a dark fog rolling in from the sea. She’d heard them in the marketplace of Stormwind, but it wasn’t until the rumors had made their way to Darkshire that Venibeth paid them any heed.

“The souls of all who die are trapped in the Maw.” 

“They don’t move on. They’re all there. Everyone who died.”

She tried to shake the feelings these words engendered. Tried to go about her day, her mind on the tasks at hand. But each quiet moment was filled with them. The whispers invaded her dreams and she would wake in a cold sweat, certain she’d heard him calling her name.

Finally, unable to move passed the nagging hope, Veni was determined to find the answer. If he was dead she would find him....

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