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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2021-05-04 23:54:00

A New Player

“You’ve been watching? What did you learn?’ The voice was low, feminine, of an indeterminate age. The woman to whom it belonged was heavily shrouded in black lace veils until it was nigh on impossible to see her face. But the other woman reckoned she was getting paid enough that those were details she didn’t really need to know.

Caliana nodded, “They know she’s in Draenor somewhere though not her precise location.”

The veiled woman turned away, her voice resigned, “I thought as much. You must bring her here. She will be safe here.”

“Are you sure? This place looks dangerous to me. These people are strange.” Caliana looked pointedly at a dredger, “Grotesque even.”

Soft laughter floated from beneath the veil,...

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