Tag: Rescued from Revendreth x 1

Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2021-07-14 01:29:00

A Better Plan

“What do you mean she’s gone?! How? Who?” the woman’s voice sounded panicked beneath her heavy veils.

The venthyr raised a placating hand, “She wished it and she knew the man who came for her. She assured us she would be safe.” he glanced at his companion, bidding her to confirm his statement.

The female nodded, “The woman was not happy here Sunshine, she was beginning to resemble the wraiths in the Desiccation. We could not, in good conscience, hold her against her will.” She looked pointedly at the woman, “And you were not here to say nay.”

The male spoke again, his tone matter of fact, “You knew he would come, you had been warned of such. Besides, this is no place for a living, breathing mortal. Though it...

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