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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2021-04-19 23:21:00

On A Deadline

The priest was sitting at the small table in his room, eating what passed for breakfast in this place, and quietly contemplating what the new day had in store for him. Without warning, the door burst open and slammed against the wall. Standing in the doorway was a man wearing black leather, his hood pulled forward to help hide his features. 

Erik walked into the room dragging a moaning man by the collar. Once inside the room, he dropped the unconscious man to the floor and then reached back and pushed the door shut. All of this the priest watched with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Erik then turned to look squarely at him.

“There are two things we need to reach an understanding on immediately. First, my name is...

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