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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2021-04-25 21:33:00


“What do you mean she isn’t here?”  her voice was as calm and matter of fact as if she had been asking after his health.

The sergeant of the guard gave a soft sigh of relief, relaxing the clinched muscles in his stomach. “Well miss she just isn’t. The folks that were there said she’d gone to another outpost. The lot of ‘em did ma;am, the whole crew she was with. ”

“And did you find her there?” the priestess asked.

“Uh… no miss. It was orders to have her moved and since she’d already gone we figured the work was done.” he answered, his voice less sure than it had been before.

Adeliza Lancaster straightened, turning cold, hard eyes on the man. He swallowed thickly, his stomach knotting again as she took a...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2021-03-21 16:38:00


“I thought you said he left Darkshire.”

“He did, sir.”

“He should have been here by now.” Lord Shadowbreaker shifted in his saddle. He stared across the bridge towards the main gate of Stormwind, but the entrance was empty save for the few guards stationed there.

“He should have been here by now. It wouldn’t take this long for that lion of his to get here.”

“Our informant sent word when he left. We’re looking into it.”

Shadowbreaker sat on his charger and fought to at least appear to be calm. Behind him were a half dozen other paladins, all glancing nervously to each other as they waited. No one spoke another word until a rider appeared outside the gate. His horse wore the trappings of the Cathedral and it was...

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Commander Braghaman Larethian
Braghaman @braghaman#82
2018-07-25 15:59:00


“And once you finish your training in Northshire, you could come here to continue to learn in the ways of the life,” the older priestess said as she led the young lady into the great hall of the Cathedral.

“That would be nice, sister,” Sabina answered quietly as she followed along.

“And here we have Sister Tessa from Gilneas,” the priestess said, gesturing to another priestess who was crossing their path.

“Good morning, Sister Martha,” the Gilnean priestess replied. “Good morning, miss.”

“This is Sabina, Sister Tessa. She will be going to Northshire to start her studies.”

“That is wonderful,” Sister Tessa answered. She looked at Sabina for a moment. “I’m sure that you will find the experience...

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Regynn Winters
Regynn @regynn#96
2018-02-18 17:38:00

Good Works

Regynn rushed into her room and tumbled headfirst over a basket overflowing with fabric. The basket tipped and bits of brightly colored cloth scattered everywhere, thankfully breaking her fall. She sat up, shoving the handful of unruly curls that had fallen from their pins, accompanied by a chorus of laughter from out in the hall.

Several young priestesses crowded around her door, giggling at Reggy’s misfortune, their eyes taking in the chaos. “Really Reggy, you should clean this place up. It’s a mess. You’re a mess.” one of them said.

Regynn glared up at her before glancing around the room, “It isn’t a mess, I know exactly where everything is.”

“Of course you do.” she girl said dryly as she backed away from...

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Regynn Winters
Regynn @regynn#96
2018-01-24 22:35:09

Client File, Stormwind Orphanage

Regynn Winters

Place of Birth: Unknown but documented as Stormwind

Date of Birth: Unknown, approximately 25 years old

Familial Status: Unknown

Female infant, appears to be newborn, was found wrapped in a thin wool blanket and left of the doorstep of the Stormwind Orphanage. There were no distinguishing marks on the blanket or the child’s clothing; nothing to indicate background or social status.

Repeated attempts to place the child in a home were unsuccessful. To save her further mental anguish she has been removed from the ‘adoptable” pool. This status has left her a ready target of the other children in residence, a fact further exacerbated by her physical appearance.

Regynn is of average height and weight with mousey brown hair and a...

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Marachius Ainsley
Marachius @marachius#83
2018-01-20 13:51:13

Back To Training

Marachius re-read the letter, he’d received from Reggy, as he walked through the halls of the Cathedral. Shaking his head, he quickened his pace until he finally found one of his trainers.

“Sir,” Marachius said, standing at attention in front of the trainer.

“Ainsley. Aren’t you supposed to be out at the training yard?”

“Sir, they sent Regynn to Northrend.”

“That’s your friend, right?” the trainer asked.

“Yes, sir.  She’s never been there. And they sent her by herself.”

“And?” the trainer asked with a shrug, obviously unmoved by this information.

“She shouldn’t be there by herself. They should’ve sent someone else with her to help out.”

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