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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2021-08-09 23:21:00

And Then There Were Four

Niviene walked around the tiny flat, checking the doors and windows to be certain they were locked, fortifying the wards she’d placed around the apartment to insure that they were all safe inside. 

She stepped into the bedroom the children shared, leaning over to brush a lock of golden hair from Korissa’s face then pull the blanket down to cover Banny’s feet. She smiled softly, realizing that the boy would be as tall as his father before long.

As she headed back to the living room she froze, her fingers curling into fists as she listened to footsteps coming up the stairs. She moved silently, reaching for the staff that was propped against a wall and waited, only breathing again as the person passed their door and continued down...

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Venibeth Stokes
Venibeth @venibeth#323
2019-05-13 14:20:00

We Got You

She hadn’t been able to find a buyer for the house and forge yet but there had been inquiries in renting the forge and that was the next best thing as far as Venibeth was concerned. She had a little money set aside that she used as a down payment on the shop and the apartment behind it, the monthly rents from the forge would pay for the mortgage and any money she made sewing would cover her other expenses. Or so she hoped.

Veni looked around the little shop, adjusting a dress dummy in the window so that it displayed the crimson and cream colored dress at its best angle. The window itself gleamed brightly in the sunlight that filtered through the usual canopy of clouds hovering over Darkshire. The counters shone with fresh polish and...

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Venibeth Stokes
Venibeth @venibeth#323
2019-04-01 17:06:00


Venibeth watched the twins running across the yard, trying to keep up with the bigger kids. She laughed merrily as Aiden and Emmaline scurried by, their stubby little legs churning up the dust.

“Now that’s a sound I haven’t heard in a while. It sounds good on you.”

The mage gave her companion a sidelong glance and smiled, “It feels good. Thanks again for taking us in Jacy. I know we really don’t fit the criteria for residents here but I really couldn’t stay in that house anymore.”

“I understand and I don’t think anyone could find fault in allowing the three of you to stay here. Honestly, even if they did I wouldn’t care. You came here in your time of need and that’s basically the service this house provides....

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