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Niviene Larethian
Niviene @niviene#104
2021-04-21 23:46:00

Should There Be a Need

Life in the garrison hadn’t changed since she’d been there last. There was the usual bustle of people coming and going, hunters and farmers bringing in food for the populace, soldiers patrolling the walls and the perimeter.

The draenei who had taken over once the Shrouded Dawn left had done well. The small fortress was well fortified and guarded. She knew she was safe, knew that Lancaster could not reach her here. 

It had been several days since she had finally rid herself of the last of the drugs that had warped her mind to the bishop’s bidding. Finara, Xaanau, and the elder draenei women watched her closely, ensuring that she ate properly, fussing over her pale skin and the circles under her eyes.

They watched her so closely...

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