The Nightbreeze Inn

Mythlleass Nightbreeze
Mythlleass Nightbreeze
2020-04-30 14:16:12
Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 6:00pm Server Time

The Nightbreeze Inn

Myth puts up a new sign in Moonglade:

“Welcome to the newly renovated Nightbreeze Inn! Our grand opening will be Thursday night at 6 pm bell! We will be featuring a new full menu with Pandarian-Kaldorei fusion cuisine, as well as some old favorites from across the continents. We hope you’ll join us and make us your new watering spot when passing through Moonglade!”

Stepping back, the young male elf admired the sign with glowing pride as he was just pleased as punch he could finally make his dream come true. After he had married the love of his life Kaviri Nightbreeze, he had taken her last name (as was tradition in her family) he had used his meager savings to buy this run-down building in Nighthaven. It had taken quite a while and the help of his half-sister Sharina Sylversword and her mate, but they had finally gotten the building refurbished and ready to be a restaurant and Inn again! Even though he was excited for tonight, Myth still was aware he had quite a more work to do before the Nightbreeze actually became well known to the public...


What is the Nightbreeze Inn?

We’re just a couple of people who want to host some casual cross-faction RP in Moonglade. One of us is on Scarlet Crusade server, so you might see a few people coming over from there. 

What time?

Every Thursday night at 6:00 pm server (9 pm EST) to whenever unless ancient aliens abduct us and make us build a pyramid on a far away planet.

Where are you?

We’re in the Inn building nearest the moonwell in Nighthaven in Moonglade. Here’s a helpful map to be helpful!

If you want to come on over, just whisper Mythlleass and I’ll invite you to the group if you’re Alliance. And if you’re Horde, well… just run on in and bring plenty of Elixir of Tongues! We shall also have many if you need any.5eaaddad3f65f.jpg5eaaddad66697.jpg

Hope to see you there!

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Event Details
Started 30-Apr-2020, 18:00 Server Time
Next occurrence 14-Dec-2023, 18:00 Server Time
Repeats Every week
Mythlleass Nightbreeze
Kaldorei Chef (Monk)
Age 378
Eye Color Silver
Height 7'10"
Body shape Lean and muscular
Residence Nighthaven in Moonglade
Realm Wyrmrest Accord - US